Create a Badge in Google Drawings

Google Drawings is particularly great when you want to create images that you will download or will use as an image link in Google Sheets or elsewhere on the web. If you are wanting to gamify your class and include badges you may want to try Google Drawings. Create a...

Gamification: Badge Game Template

Gamification is one way to motivate students. There is no one way to gamify your class but an easy way to get started is to provide students choice. Try a choice board to help give students a locus of control, make a decision, and have fun learning! Template Use this...

QUICKLY! Google Forms: Move Questions

In Google Forms you can grab and drag questions to reorder. However, this can be tricky. It seems whenever I do this I struggle to get this large question box to place in just the spot I want it to appear. Keyboard Shortcuts Learning the keyboard shortcut to move...

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