Google Drive: Add Shared to Drive

Add Shared Files to Your Google Drive It is important to understand that “Shared with me” is not a folder. It is a filter. When checking the “Shared with me” filter on the left hand side of Google Drive you may run into some...

Google Classroom: Duplicate the Tab

View Two of the Same Class One trick I do in Google Classroom is have at least 2 of the same class in different tabs. Even when I have fast internet it can still be slow for Google Classroom to post assignments or return student work. Right Click on Tab If you use...

File -> Email Collaborators

G Suite is About COLLABORATING I love that G Suite is designed first around collaboration. I had a buddy in Ireland I was chatting with the other morning and I told him to make a Google Sites ( and share it with me. I go to Google Drive and click on...

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