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Four Books that Include & Engage Learners 

Educator, Melody McAllister, shares four books and their authors who will help your classroom be more inclusive with all learners and engage learners! Every book shared also includes FREE Resources to help you in your classroom or share with families at home!

THE Book for Every Child

Melody McAllister writes a book review for Strum & the Wild Turkeys by Noa Daniel.
“Every child, make that every person, should be celebrated for their unique abilities. As educators and parents we know how important that connection and confidence is as young people grow up. This book is for all year, for every child, and my family gives it five stars!”

Four Reads That Will Improve Your Mindset

May was an absolute blast for my weekly bookchats. If you weren’t able to join during our LIVE broadcast, don’t worry about it because I got you!!  #RealPBL First up, by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy, was Project Based Learning: Real Questions, Real Answers. How to Unpack PBL and Inquiry.  There is a difference between assigning projects and cultivating a… Read More »Four Reads That Will Improve Your Mindset

Celebrating Black Fathers & Father Figures with @AuthorKLeoHenry

New Author and Publisher – Celebrating Black Fathers I had such a wonderful bookchat with new children’s author Kashama Leo-Henry, who is also an early childhood educator, and now publisher as well!  Her children’s book launched a couple of months ago and is called Daddies and Uncles and More, Oh My! It focuses on the different roles and relationships of… Read More »Celebrating Black Fathers & Father Figures with @AuthorKLeoHenry

What is the #BLM Movement? #BookChat with @Hedreich & @mjmcalliwrites

Guest Post by Melody McAllister What is the Black Lives Matter Movement? We see #BLM​ everyday. It brings comfort to some and stacks up walls for others. There is so much misinformation out there, so join us as we explore a book that helps us understand this movement in an inviting and honest chat with its author, Hedreich Nichols. Hedreich… Read More »What is the #BLM Movement? #BookChat with @Hedreich & @mjmcalliwrites

#SELday Read Alouds By @mjmcalliwrites

Guest Post by Melody McAllister Today is #SELday, but celebrating social emotional learning can happen any and every day! Here are some of my favorite authors sharing their SEL stories. Share them with your class today or any day and may wonderful conversations ensue! Not an elementary teacher? Well, big kids like children’s books, too.  Dr. Deshunna Monay Ricks, School… Read More »#SELday Read Alouds By @mjmcalliwrites

Evolving Learner BookChat with @LainieRowell @DrKristyAndre @LaurenMStein

Guest Post by Melody McAllister Last week, I was lucky to get to sit down with the three authors of Evolving Learner: Shifting From Professional Development to Professional Learning From Kids, Peers, and the World, Lainie Rowell, Dr. Kristy Andre, and Dr. Lauren Steinmann. It was a perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated the One Year Book… Read More »Evolving Learner BookChat with @LainieRowell @DrKristyAndre @LaurenMStein

Thinking About Teaching with @CaseyJ_edu & @Mjmcalliwrites

Guest Post by Melody McAllister BookChat with Dr. Casey Jakubowski Recently, I sat down for a bookchat with Educator and Author, Dr. Casey Jakubowski! He published his book, Thinking About Teaching: A Rural Social Studies Teacher’s Path to Strive for Relevance, and it is a fantastic book that any educator could pick up and feel seen, validated, and might even… Read More »Thinking About Teaching with @CaseyJ_edu & @Mjmcalliwrites

Look For the Math Around You By @EveryoneCanMath

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Patterns are everywhere – in nature, our homes, in the classroom, and even on clothes! When children notice patterns in the world around them, they begin to make connections to patterning and algebra concepts in mathematics.