Teacher Clarity & Choice in Learning By @NikkiJF152

Guest Post by  Nikki Johnston-Fisher | Teacher | Fairbanks, Alaska   I’ve learned in remote teaching that it is important for students to also see the road ahead and know where they are going in their learning. Nikki Johnston-fisher The transition to remote teaching...

STRIVE for Happiness in Education by @RobDunlopEDU

Guest Post by Author Robert Dunlop I believe there is nothing more powerful than an educator that loves coming to school each day. That is why I believe happiness in education is so important and that is why I have made it my mission to help educators connect or...

Student-Led Conferences Template

Guest Post by Teacher Tech Member Natalie Miller-Wolf Student-Led Conferences A handful of years ago, the first year we truly did Student-Led Conferences, I was sitting at a table with a parent, both of us on the verge of water-works, as his son confidently presented...

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