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Get on Tract for Student-Directed Learning

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Educator and EdTech Match Maker Rachelle Dene Poth shares about Tract.
Tract provides classes that are led by middle school, high school or college students. The creators share their passions for what they are learning which then helps to inspire other students in their learning. Through these experiences, students build their confidence as they learn from global peers and embrace new challenges inspired by student creators from around the world.

FREE Math Puzzles for K-12

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In this guest post by Alice Aspinall, she shares number puzzles she made for her own children. Alice Keeler made a Math Puzzle spreadsheet we all can use for students K-12!

There are many tools that help you start to bring coding into the classroom

Focus on computer science and STEM! By @Rdene915

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5 resources to bring coding into the classroom. Explore the activities or curriculum offered, or take advantage of the trial for platforms like Rex Academy, especially at the end of the year when looking for new ideas.

Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

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Guest Post by Rachelle Dene Poth As a Spanish and STEAM teacher, I love bringing emerging technologies into my classroom. One area that we spend a lot of time on in my eighth grade course is artificial intelligence. For educators looking to get started with artificial intelligence in the classroom with students or for parents interested in providing opportunities for… Read More »Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

The Words We Wield by @zurquhart

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Guest Post by Zach Urquhart as shared by Twisted Teaching with Alexes M. Terry This weekend, I went to see Croods 2 with my family. At one point, Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) had an epiphany. “Words as weapons,” he uttered, finally seeing the failures that had abounded the last hour of his character’s journey. As I sit now, thinking… Read More »The Words We Wield by @zurquhart

Online Teaching: The Creative Approach By @EBGtech

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For right now, if you can’t focus on it, don’t focus on it. Focus on what you can. What new skills are they learning because of this situation? Focus on those skills and celebrate those successes.

Station Rotation Virtually with @MsBDuncan

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I created this virtual station rotation after completing #DitchSummit20 over Christmas break. Many wonderful eduleaders shared keen advice on student engagement tools, strategies and pedagogy that can work in a hybrid, concurrent, or full virtual classroom.

The Moments In Between By @biologygoddess

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I know this year might not hold the same kind of warm and fun memories of previous school years, but we have still been part of the moments in between. What we have done this year has mattered and our commitment to attaching meaning to everyday, ordinary moments will be even more important.