[Template] Translate Meeting Chat to ALL Languages

I was talking with a teacher who is teaching students who come from a variety of backgrounds. The issue she was having while on a video meeting was the chat. The chat doesn’t translate and there were more than two languages being spoken. Template...

Control Shift Enter – Google Forms Add a Question

I love keyboard shortcuts!! Take the time to learn one a week! In Google Forms the keyboard shortcut I use the most, other than copy paste, is to add a new question. Control Shift Enter Use Control Shift Enter (Command Shift Enter on a Mac) to add a new question to...

Chromebook Minecraft: Teaching with Minecraft

Minecraft is the perfect tool for remote learning or face to face to engage students in learning activities. Now, Minecraft: Education Edition is available on the Chromebook! To get started your school will need FREE Microsoft accounts for the students. Visit...

Chrome: Change Theme for Each Account

Odds are you have more than one Google Account. Your personal and your school at least. The best way to manage you multiple accounts is by adding Chrome logins. This allows you to be in both accounts at the same time without conflicts. However, it can be confusing as...

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