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Summer of Math 2021 with Howie Hua

Join the Summer of Math 2021 Guest Blog by Howie Hua Last Summer I created a weekly math session called “Math Summer” where teachers do math together over Zoom. I decided to create a space to do math, especially low-floor high-ceiling problems, so we can learn from...

Google Forms: Add Sections

Seeing a lot of questions at once can be overwhelming. Divide up your Google Form into sections to help break up the length of the Google Form. Think pages! Each section is a page of your Google Form. forms.new Section Icon In the floating toolbar a section is the...

UPDATED: Google Slides Colors

Google Slides has updated how they show the colors for background and font. And I love it! When you click on the option to change the Background color or font color the “box of crayons” circles were at the top and the custom images at the bottom. Custom At...

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