Pump It Up with Pivot Tables

A pivot table is an essential tool for teachers. Pivot tables SUMMARIZE. Given that we have 30-150 students each doing multiple things we have lots of need for pivot tables. Join cue.org/microsoft May 27th at 7pm PST for my webinar on Pivot Tables in Excel Online...

Google Forms: Create a Branching LESSON

One way to differentiate your lessons is to use a branching Google Form to first find out if the student even needs the information. In a traditional face to face class I would get the entire classes attention to take notes on my math lesson. Now mind you, I taught...

Easy Wins with Microsoft Teams

What is an easy win? Simple things you can do tomorrow to help you feel like you’re a ninja at using Microsoft Teams. Check out my webinar with my guest Lisa Dabbs as we go over a few Easy Wins!! Channels are the best part of Microsoft Teams! Click on the 3 dots...

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