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Jamboard: Save Frame as Image

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As Kim Mattina says, “Get on the Jamboard train.” Google Jamboard is FREE. It is a Google tool. It saves to Google Drive. As is to be expected, it is collaborative.

Google Slides: 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google Slides is one of my favorite collaboration creativity tools. Think outside the box to go beyond presentations. Here are 5 keyboard shortcuts that are sure to increase productivity. 1) Control Shift Up Arrow I use this EVERY DAY! Control Shift Up Arrow sends an object on the slide UP to the top. (Note this works on Jamboard also). Control… Read More »Google Slides: 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Make a 4th of July Word Search

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Word searches are fun!! I did spend some hours looking up research articles on the educational benefits of word searches. While they are fun for students, circling words does not have a lot of benefits in terms of learning. BUT sometimes we do things just for fun, so I have a way to generate your own Word Search. Copy the… Read More »Make a 4th of July Word Search

Try Formative – It’s Free

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Formative assessment forms what we do next! It is not something we put in the gradebook but rather a use of data to reflect on if our teaching is effective and to make adjustments. I am very passionate about formative assessment. One digital tool that you can use for formative assessment is Formative. Types of Questions Formative is an assessment… Read More »Try Formative – It’s Free