A Peek at the New Google Classroom

Google Classroom Will Be Different For the Fall As always G Suite is adding features and updating interfaces. Some pretty big changes are coming to Google Classroom for Fall 2018. The Stream is no longer your one stop. That has been moved over a tab to...

Create an Avatar for Chrome

Set Your Chrome Avatar This week I was assigned 2 new G Suite accounts and there is no avatar. I have a generic A in the upper right hand corner. Google Drawings Yes, you can just upload a photo you have. However, if you don’t have a photo you can create an...

Google Sites: Align Text and Images

Adding Text Side by Side with Images The new Google Sites is pretty darn easy to use. I use a lot of Google Sites for exactly that reason, convenience. I go to sites.google.com/new, click the plus icon, and double click on the page to add content. Up and running fast!...

School is Out: 7 Tips to Clean Up Your G Suite

Get Ready for Next School Year One of the great things about being a teacher is a fresh start every year. If last year was rough, you get a new batch of kids and a chance to try something new come the fall. However, G Suite doesn’t automatically start fresh for...

Introduction to the NEW Google Classroom Online Workshop

Google Classroom is rolling out a new interface. Be ready for Fall, let’s look at the new Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom.
Starts Monday, July 23rd

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SALE: $20
Register at alicekeeler.com/goslow