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Top 10 Health and Physical Education Tech Tools by @CoachKass

My Top Ten HPE Tech Tools Guest blog post by Victor Kass While I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, my parents ran a software company. So, I spent a great deal of time around computers. As a result, I have a natural affinity towards new and innovative technological tools. As a teacher, I am always excited to… Read More »Top 10 Health and Physical Education Tech Tools by @CoachKass

Unleash the Power: A Quick Look at Google Classroom for the iPad

By Holly Clark Digital workflow has long been a problem for those trying to incorporate digital products into their classrooms. That was until Google Apps for Education came along and started making things more collaborative and turning in work in became easier with the use of shared folders.   Then in August, Google Classroom came out and teachers everywhere have… Read More »Unleash the Power: A Quick Look at Google Classroom for the iPad

MacTip: Searching For Files

If you are using your Mac to attach files you may want to filter a search to find the file you are trying to attach. In the window where you can browse for the files you are wanting to attach do a search in the upper right hand corner. After you type in the search option you can filter the… Read More »MacTip: Searching For Files

MacTip: TextEdit

If you are a Mac user you may not be aware that your computer has a basic text editor. I find this handy when the internet is down or if I just want to paste some information somewhere temporarily. Spotlight Search I keep almost no apps in my dock. Instead I use a spotlight search to find any application I… Read More »MacTip: TextEdit

iPad for Algebra Teachers Resources

  This week I was working with middle school algebra teachers who all received iPads. Below is the spreadsheet of some sample apps I put together. The second tab has some resources for them to check out.  

Changing the Background on a Keynote Slide

When creating a presentation using Keynote for your students you may want to deviate from the background slide color. Generally I start with a white background for my presentations, however sometimes a black background looks really nice. Open up the inspector. The 2nd icon is the slide inspector. By default you will be looking at slide transitions, click instead on… Read More »Changing the Background on a Keynote Slide