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AliceKeeler Select the Cells

AliceKeeler Select the Cells is created by Google Developer Expert Alice Keeler. It collects NO user data. NO PII. AliceKeeler Select the Cells will highlight all the cells on a sheet that match the same color. Single click on a cell with a background color. Run the Add-on from the Extensions menu to select all of the other cells with the same background within the active range. Apply actions to the entire selected range at once, for example changing the background color of the cells.

Note: If you use the paint can to color the cells so that the cells are empty and have no text in the spreadsheet this Add-on will not work. The active range is a rectangle of rows and columns to the last cell with text in it. Active ranges are not determined by adding a background color.

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Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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