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How to Update Student Spreadsheets

You make a copy of a spreadsheet per student, but what if you have a typo or want to add to the spreadsheet? sheetPusher by Alice Keeler and Heather Lyon helps you update student spreadsheets. Here is how to update student spreadsheets.

BETTER – Print Google Form Quiz

Have more control over how your Google Form™ Quiz prints. Sometimes you need your Google Form on paper and this solution will help you to do it better! Print Google Form Quiz to a Google Doc and customize!

Something Fun for the End of the Year

What is something fun for students to do at the end of the year? While there are many choices, a fun word search can give students something to do while other students are finishing a task. Try my template!

Add a date add on

En Español – Add a Date to Google Slides

Want to show when you last edited or presented a Google Slides presentation? Use the Add-a-Date Add-on by Alice Keeler. You can now add the date in Spanish if you wish! Google Slides Date Spanish

Seating Chart Slides

Create a seating chart in Google Slides by importing your roster from a Google Doc. This free Add-on Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics automates this.