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Alice Keeler

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Alice is one of the most motivated learners that I know. There is fire in her eyes! She’s a person who is engaged in life 100%. 🙂 Steve Hargadon www.stevehargadon.com
Alice is the “I” in innovation at our school. When she comes across something interesting, she’s the first to say, “I can use that in my classroom.” And she does. Whiteboards, laptops, cameras, blogposts, shaving cream, (yes, shaving cream.) …You’ve never met anyone like Alice! Gayle Taylor
Clovis High English Teacher
“Alice helps teachers feel comfortable about the process (technology).
Alice SHOWS how it is done.
Alice is fluent in it.”
Joanne Campbell
1st Grade Teacher
jcorippo jcorippo
@alicekeeler Thanks so much, you were EPIC!! Be advised:@alicekeeler is the QUEEN OF iOS MATH!!
jcorippo jcorippo
@alicekeeler Your methods blew the roof off. Wow.
I must say that you have by far the most articulate and nuanced understanding of gamification and how to leverage it in the classroom. THANK YOU. Gamification is quite a hot topic right now, and it’s so great to see your implementation and how it’s truly based on student achievement. MeredithLearnBoost Community Manager@LearnBoost  www.learnboost.com
Alice is a bundle of energy. She is accomplished! I aspire to have her energy and abilities. Soon we will connect again and do amazing things.  Sue Bedard Course Director at Full Sail University  Dr. Sue Bedard
 Alice has opened my mind to the endless possiblities of using technology in the classroom. Both my students and my families has benefited tremendously due to Alice’s technology class. Her class has increased collaboration amoung teachers at my school site and more importantly has connected parents to their children’s education through use of technology. I highley recommend Alice’s class to anyone in the educational field who is eager to learn how technology can increase student achievement, motivate student interests, and even decrease misbehaviors. Ken Pruse
Special Education Specialist 
 Special Education Specialist / Secondary School Associates Degree in Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Masters Degree in Special Education

Thank you Alice (and CVCUE!)!! 🙂
This conference has been by far the best technology driven conference I’ve been to!
Thank you for the wonderful opportunities!
  CVCUE Tech Expo Fall 2012 
Thank you for the work you’re doing to teach the world that tech really can make our lives easier and richer.  Technology Teacher
Pleasant Hill, CA 
 Shauna Hawes
 Review of Fall CUE 2012    Mark Hall
OH MY GOSH! I am going to miss this class. You are one of the best instructors I have had in my college career. I loved your teaching methods and I think you’re an amazing instructor!  Student, Fall 2012 CI100 CSUFresno   Daniella Parra
Alice Keeler is my favorite teacher from Fresno State; it is a blessing that she is influencing the next generation of teachers. Somehow, she manages to challenge all levels of students, which is definitely something I strive to do once I become a teacher. The best thing I learned from her is that collaboration is key and to not be greedy about information! The important thing about technology is that we can easily connect with each other in communities, Twitter, or share videos on YouTube, and the list goes on and on. Also, her idea of CoffeeCue is a godsend. Collaboration with other teachers really shows that we are doing this FOR the students. I have no ill words for Alice, and I hope to be a shade of the teacher she is. Student, Spring 2013 CI101 CSUFresno   Howie Hua
I almost didn’t attend Alice Keeler’s Sexy Spreadsheets session at CUE Rockstar…thankful I did. It was one of the most useful professional learning experiences ever. I was awed throughout the session, learned a ton, but more importantly, I walked away with useful knowledge for both my own application and to share with others.   Librarian; PD session participant  Jamie Dyra
Alice Keeler is such a dynamo! I love her passion for so many topics, her expertise, and the way she stays on the front lines of new innovations with the power to improve education (e.g., in ed. tech., data, data display, the way ed. tech tools need to stay current to support instructional innovations such as gaming, etc.). Most of all, I love her passion for the most important topic of all… helping students!  Former teacher, site admin., district admin., and Chief Education & Research Officer of an ed. tech Co.  Jenny Rankin, PhD

Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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