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Short Term Goal Setting in Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Short Term Goal Setting

Have Students Set Goals One researcher I particularly admire is Carol Dweck from Stanford (and author of the best selling book Mindsets.) One of the effective practices she shares is using short-term goal setting. Short term goals lead to long-term goals. Short-term goals should be measurable, and not by grades. These are not things like “I will get a B” but rather… Read More »Google Classroom: Short Term Goal Setting

Emoji Your Drive

Emoji Your Drive to Create Visual Interest

? Emoji Your Drive ? Guest blog post by Beth Mossholder Make your Google Drive a little more interesting with Emojis. Color coding can work out great when organizing folders in your Google Drive; but does nothing to help differentiate individual files in Drive. Emojis can also be inserted into titles and text lines where other image file types cannot. Make… Read More »Emoji Your Drive to Create Visual Interest