Google Sheets: Text to Columns in a spreadsheet

Split Up Text in a Spreadsheet When pasting text into a spreadsheet sometimes you do not want one cell to have all of the text. The best example being when you have first and last name in the same cell. Data Menu Highlight the cells that have text you wish to split...

Google Sheets: Cell History

See the Edit History of a Cell When was that cell updated? Who changed this value? In Google Sheets you no longer need to wonder that question. Version history for an overall document is amazing but can be challenging with spreadsheets. Edits in a spreadsheet may...

Google Sheets: Play Connect 4

Connect 4 in Google Sheets Chris Brownell (and Sunil Singh)’s book Math Recess is a bad influence on me 🙂 In the book there is a list of games you can play to have fun with math. If I want to play these games asynchronously with someone who isn’t...

Play Yahtzee with Google Sheets

Google Sheets Yahtzee In the book Math Recess, Sunil Singh and Chris Brownell give a list of regular board games that are good for playing with math. Yahtzee was on the list! Of course!! When I rolled a 4 6 6 6 4 I was adding up my points and I said I had four sixes...

Try Formative

Formative is an awesome assessment tool!


Try Formative

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