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Polar 3D Printer: Build Your Math

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Polar 3D: Build Your Math Polar 3D (polar3d.com) generously supported the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop at Google in New York City (thank you!). I have a Polar 3D printer and it is a great printer to get started with. I like how quick and easy it is to upload files to my Polar 3D printer. The web-based interface… Read More »Polar 3D Printer: Build Your Math

Time to 3D Print

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A fun surprise when I showed up at my Classroom is a 3D printer. Now to get my students printing. I was going to say “if you are thinking about getting a 3D printer for your class” but … Of course you want a 3D printer! In this blog post I am encouraging you to add 3D printers to your… Read More »Time to 3D Print