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build your math polar 3d printer math

Polar 3D Printer: Build Your Math

Polar 3D: Build Your Math Polar 3D (polar3d.com) generously supported the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop at Google in New York City (thank you!). I have a Polar 3D printer and it is a great printer to get started with. I like how quick and easy it is to upload files to my Polar 3D printer. The web-based interface… Read More »Polar 3D Printer: Build Your Math

mkrclub bookmarks

Support Literacy with 3D Printed Bookmarks

I know my kids love getting bookmarks. My 5 year old flipped over the 3D printed heart bookmarks that @mkrclub posted. She brought them for all her classmates for Valentines Day. Mkrclub has been on a roll designing new bookmarks. Mkrclub.com posted the files for St. Patricks day bookmarks recently. In an effort to peer pressure him to make more, you… Read More »Support Literacy with 3D Printed Bookmarks

Time to 3D Print

A fun surprise when I showed up at my Classroom is a 3D printer. Now to get my students printing. I was going to say “if you are thinking about getting a 3D printer for your class” but … Of course you want a 3D printer! In this blog post I am encouraging you to add 3D printers to your… Read More »Time to 3D Print