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Meme Contest – $100 to Meme Harley

My very good friend Marcia Carrillo was gifted a dog by her kids. I think Harley is hilarious. In a spirit of good fun I am going to give a $100 Amazon gift card to a TEACHER for what is my opinion the best meme using a picture of Harley.

Use the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. To make sure I see it, consider at mentioning me @alicekeeler


To be considered your meme needs to be visible. Meaning, if I can not see it I can not consider it. Put your links to your post in the comments. If you win I will make a comment on your post (so make sure I can comment on it please) for you to get me your (or the teacher you want to gift the card to) Amazon account email.

Meme contents ends 8/14/21

Marcia posts other pictures of Harley. You can use any of them for your meme. Again, this is just for fun. I have been inspired by Todd Nesloney who is meme’ing all the pictures of his new Twins. Here is one of Todd’s entries for cutest baby. I do not have any babies (my youngest of 5 is now 9 years old) so I will compete with Marcia’s dog 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

More Harley Pictures

Marcia texted me a few more options for the contest. She offers all pictures with a Creative Commons license.

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