Are you tired? Your brain needs a break!

Melody McAllister

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Are you tired? You aren’t alone! It’s time for a recharge!

Brainbreaks: Teachers need them too!

For many of us, summer break is here, and for others, it’s right around the corner. How will you spend your time? Whatever you decide to do, make sure it brings you a sense of peace and empowerment. We tend to spend our summers doing all sorts of professional development and learning the latest in edtech. But what if you don’t want to do that this summer? What if, like me, the only books you really want to read are pure fiction?

The Teacher Tech FB Community is a great place to commiserate and decompress with other educators:

Adult Brainbreaks:

Brainbreaks are good for everyone, including adults. It’s leaving behind stress and chaos that allows our brains to begin thinking again. If you are like me and get your best ideas while getting ready in the morning when you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower, it’s because you’ve given your brain some time off.

Things you can do while at home:

  1. Meditation or journaling: write or think about anything you want!
  2. Netflix and chill with zero guilt!!! You’ve earned some couchpotato time!
  3. Take a walk or exercise at home. Challenge yourself daily or weekly to make more trips up the hill or flight of stairs!
  4. Sit in the sun for a while! Let the warmth fill you to your core and then go back inside feeling the light.
  5. Reread your favorite book or finish the one you started pre-pandemic!
  6. Make time to spend with your family and friends (think favorite beverages, boardgames, and lots of laughing)!

Staycation or Vacation?

Depending on your comfort level and the pandemic, going places might fill you with anxiety or excitement! Plan a trip you’d like to take this summer or next. Research the area and make yourself an itinerary. Maybe you need to save up for the trip, but it gives you something to look forward to!

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I’m alreay there in my mind!

But I LOVE Summer Learning

It’s okay to keep learning (not that you need my permission)! There are so many FREE webinars going on right now. If you want to learn, keep learning. Just like how our students feel, when it’s our choice for learning, it fuels us. Maybe reading a book is your preferred and personalized way of learning. I know I’m reading Alice Keeler and Kim Mattina’s newest Teaching With Google Jamboard, and a few more for my bookchat, but all the rest are going to be werewolf love stories (yes, it’s a thing).

Flyer for Teaching With Jamboard by Alice Keeler and Kim Mattina.

Make Something!

Creation and making is fun for our students but it’s also fun for us! Have you ever thought of beginning a podcast? Broadcast? Do you like sewing? Painting? Baking? Grilling? Making and creating helps rejuvenate your mind and build even more connections, but it just feels like fun for those of us who go for it. If you’ve been counting your days for the moment you can do whatever is it you want to do, go for it! It’s officially time!

Do what YOU want to do!

There is no wrong answer for whatever you decide to do with your time this summer, as long as it’s what YOU WANT TO DO! If you choose to slow down and recover, you are still preparing yourself for the next school year. If you choose to personalize your PD, you are still preparing yourself for next school year. Whatever fills you up is what I hope you will pursue with your time away from school and it’s responsibilities.

About the Author

Melody McAllister is a wife, mother of five, educator, and author.

Melody McAllister is a wife, mother of five, educator, and author. She and her family relocated to Alaska from the Dallas area in 2019.  McAllister is 2017 Garland NAACP Educator of the Year and author of the I’m Sorry Story.  She is also the Logistics Manager for EduMatch Publishing and Alice Keeler, LLC.  McAllister has spoken at ISTE and ASTE about equity issues in education, and writes about her journey in her blog,  If you would like to schedule an author read with your class, please contact her on Twitter or email her at

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