Class Roster with TemplateTab

Use the Class Roster Chrome Extension with TemplateTab

TemplateTab is one of my favorite tools but it requires you have a roster of your students handy. There are lots of ways to get your roster, my Chrome extension Class Roster is one of them.

Class Roster allows you to select your Google Classroom class. A Google Sheets spreadsheet is automatically created with your roster.

Class roster chrome extension.

TemplateTab creates a tab in the same spreadsheet for each student on your roster. I love having ONE document to open instead of 30.


How TemplateTab works is your roster needs to be on the first sheet and your graphic organizer needs to be on the second sheet. Use the Add-on menu to choose TemplateTab and show the sidebar.

TemplateTab sidebar. Skip setup sheet

Skip Setup Sheet

The trick to using Class Roster and TemplateTab together is to skip the Setup Sheet. Setup Sheet adds a sheet in the first position for you to paste your roster. However, if you started by using Class Roster your first sheet is already your roster.

Two Tabs

TemplateTab works assuming there are 2 sheets. Class Roster only has one sheet. Before running TemplateTab make sure you have a 2nd sheet. You can do this two ways:

1) Add a Sheet

Click the plus icon in the bottom left to add a sheet. This sheet becomes Sheet2 and is in the 2nd position which is exactly what you want. Design this Sheet2 as your graphic organizer.

2) Send Sheet

If you have a graphic organizer in another spreadsheet, open that spreadsheet and on the tab that you want to be your graphic organizer click on the tiny triangle and choose “Copy to” and choose “Existing spreadsheet.” Copy this to the Class Roster created spreadsheet. The copied graphic organizer will become the 2nd sheet and you are all set to go.

Run TemplateTab

From the sidebar click on “Run TemplateTab” and the graphic organizer will be copied for each student on the roster within the same spreadsheet.

No Data Collected

Both Class Roster and TemplateTab collect NO user data.

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