Guest post by Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook

Picture it: School has wound down. You’re on break in December. You finally have some time for yourself — to do the things you haven’t had time for at school.

You grab a warm mug of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. (Or something else … you know, you do you!) You curl up on your sofa in your pajamas.

And on your computer or phone, you pull up something to inspire you.

To give you some fun new ideas for class in January.

Something to make you smile — and laugh!

The Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (#DitchSummit)

I’m talking about the 2019 Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit, a FREE online conference for teachers from December 21, 2019, to January 8, 2020! It’s the fourth year for the “Ditch Summit”, and each year, thousands of educators from dozens of countries tune in. Here are the details:

  • Watch more than 50 video presentations from fantastic presenters.
  • Get practical teaching ideas and inspiration for doing your best work in the classroom.
  • Generate FREE certificates for professional development credit for what you watch.
  • Join an enthusiastic Twitter community (#DitchSummit) to share and discuss what you see.

It’s hosted by me, Matt Miller, author of three books, including Ditch That Homework, which I co-authored with Alice Keeler. I’m a 10+ year classroom teacher and blogger/podcaster/creator of things for educators.

What can I see during the summit?

During the summit, you can watch great video presentations by great educator presenters — like Alice Keeler! You can see our presentation and conversation about homework — titled “Ditch That Homework”!

Into Google and techy stuff? You’ll enjoy presentations by Shake Up Learning’s Kasey Bell, Eric Curts of Control-Alt-Achieve, the Hyperdocs Gals, Jornea Armant from Flipgrid, and more!

Like free stuff? We’ll be doing prize giveaways all throughout the summit! They include a Sindoh 3D printer from STEM Education Works and a coding robot from Wonder Workshop! Dave Burgess Consulting is giving away book bundles. Flipgrid and Pear Deck have fantastic prize packs. Plus, you can win more books, t-shirts and other fun stuff you’ll love!

Register now for FREE

Ready to get started? Register at (Go do it now. Seriously, it takes 10 seconds. I’ll wait.) You’ll receive emails to new videos as they’re released. Plus, you’ll have access to all the previous years’ videos from December 21 to January 8, 2020.

This summit is truly, truly FREE. No registration fees. No “buy lifetime access” for $39 or $79 or more. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for all you do in education — noticed or unnoticed — throughout the year. 

Head to and get registered, and I’ll see you in the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit!

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