Create a PledgeCents Page

Create a PledgeCents TAP Page

Teachers Are Professionals is a project I am working on in partnership with PledgeCents. We are launching Phase 1 of the project. The first step to participating is to create a PledgeCents page for Teachers Are Professionals.

Cropped Teachers Are Professionals


Phase 1 is REDUCING how much you pay out of pocket. Long term we would like to eliminate teachers paying out of pocket. If your school does not purchase a site license you can be stuck with the full price of an EdTech product. In Phase 1 we have negotiated site license pricing with Formative and Screencastify. A site license works because it is a one time purchase for a large group of users. If you would like a discount on Formative or Screencastify you will need to make your discounted payment to your TAP PledgeCents page. We highly encourage you though to share your TAP PledgeCents page link to find support for your discounted subscriptions. Once TAP PledgeCents pages are funded we will submit the site license order for you to have access. Your account needs $12 for a license to Screencastify. With 1000 participants we can get the price of Formative down to $80 for you. Fund your account for at least $13 to choose a discounted DBC book.

Create a PledgeCents Page

Free WeVideo

Get a 100% discount on WeVideo for you, just by making a TAP PledgeCents page.

More Discounts

We will continue to negotiate discounts and freebies on your behalf. In each phase we will have a different round of discounts for you to take advantage of. The power of the group! As we have more teachers participating the more and better discounts we can negotiate. Cropped Teachers Are Professionals

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