Google Classroom: Create a New Class

Create New Classes in Google Classroom

I highly recommend creating a new Google Classroom class every unit or every grading period. For sure do not reuse classes from last year. Start fresh and reuse posts from previous classes. Go to and in the upper right click on the plus icon and choose “Create class.” Click on the settings cog of that class to locate the join code. Click the tiny triangle to choose “Display” so students can easily join the class when they walk in the room. While you’re in the settings don’t forget to change the Stream settings to “Show attachments and details.”


While it’s relatively fast to create a new Google Classroom class, I of course coded it to make it a little faster. After making a copy of my spreadsheet template, wait a minute for the menu to load and choose “show Sidebar.”

Clicking “List All Classes” will create a list of your Google Classroom classes for you to checkbox. Choose to “Manage Classroom” in the sidebar.

Grab Topics

Scroll down in the sidebar to find “Grab Topics” and “Create Class.” If you would like to reuse the topics from a previous class, click “Grab Topics.” Then “Create Class” to automatically create a class. Push the topics your grabbed if you like.

Add Students

In the sidebar you can add students. The advantage to doing this instead of using the People tab in the class is that students are added in without students accepting an invite.

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