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My Favorite Swag Item

Vacuum Coffee Mug

I went to Google Cloud NEXT and Salesforce was giving out these “Not Yeti” coffee mugs if you did a product demo and an online tutorial. WORTH IT! I don’t know how I lived without this mug! It took some digging but I found the link to bulk order them with your logo.


I order from 4imprint.com all the time and their customer service is EXCELLENT. Better than excellent, so I was really happy to find out that they had the mug.

Since it is a Vacuum Mug, like the Yeti cups but off brand, it keeps your coffee or tea hot for a really long time! In my opinion, every teacher needs one of these.

Throat Coat Tea

My ENT doctor says a common ailment amongst teachers is “teacher voice.” This is because we talk so much and loudly we are literally damaging our vocal cords. Using Throat Coat tea is a lifesaver. It tastes so good and helps my voice when I’ve talked too much or am going to be talking a lot.

You can get it at Target and Amazon. And of course, then put it in this mug. Happy together!

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