Have #ISTEladiesroadtrip Come To You

ViewSonic is sponsoring the ISTE Ladies Roadtrip to ISTE18. Alice Keeler, Lisa Dabbs (New Teacher Chat), Christine Pinto (Google Apps for Littles), and Sarah Kerns (ViewSonic) will be driving from Los Angeles to Chicago! If you would like the road trip to stop in your town, fill out the Google Form below!
ISTE Ladies road trip to your town


Alice Will Cook Me Carnitas?

YES! Alice Keeler is the carnitas master! alicekeeler.com/carnitas We are planning on stopping at one person’s house and using their Instant Pot to make carnitas! It will be a party! If you are on the way, have an Instant Pot and want Alice and the ISTE Ladies Roadtrip to come cook carnitas as your house make a YouTube video of your kitchen and why we should come to your house!

PD on the Road

Along the way, we will be stopping at schools and doing free short presentations. If you would like us to stop at your school, please fill out the Form below and include a YouTube video of why we should come to your school!


Of course, we will be having CoffeeEDU!! Would you like to help us host a coffeeEDU in your town? CoffeeEDU is a one hour unconference meetup of educators. Always a good time! Find a good coffeeEDU location and record a short YouTube video of the location and why we should come to your town!

Just Give Me a Shirt

Is it not possible for your town to be a stop on the roadtrip? Do not fret we are giving away swag!! Fill out the Google Form along with a short video from YouTube telling us why you’re so excited to follow the roadtrip! This is not a raffle, we will choose winners to send swag to!

Fill Out the Google Form

Complete the Form to have the ISTE Ladies Roadtrip come to you (or just send you some swag.)

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