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As many of you know Christine Pinto does amazing things with Google Apps, Chromebooks and Kindergarteners. Her website is She has a book coming out this summer (co-authored with me) titled “Google Apps for Littles.” At the ISTE conference in San Antonio this week Pinto braved the Ignite talk. Unfortunately my Periscope of her talk crashed while she was presenting. Here is the text and slides from her Ignite.


Ignite Script

main site: Little kids can use technology, and I’m not talking about having kids be consumers of technology, but rather CREATORS of technology. I’m talking about having little kids take ownership of their learning and demonstrate what they know and be creative, critical thinkers when using technology.
#gafe4littles on Twitter My name is Christine Pinto and I have worked with Pre-K and kindergarten students. I am the founder of #GAfE4Littles which stands for Google Apps for Education for Little Kids, or primary students. Many educators share what THEIR littles are doing on the hashtag on Twitter
Blog post As many of you know we DO NOT integrate technology for the sake of integrating technology. When designing we should be thoughtful in thinking “how is this activity authentic to my kids? Why does it matter to them? How are THEY involving themselves in this activity?”
Blog post           That might look like Littles taking selfies or snapshots in their learning environment, or kids applying THEIR imagination to design. Our lesson design should give the kids exploration space and be able to apply one or more of the four Cs. With a blended learning classroom, it is about finding a BALANCE that works for our students.
Blog Post Kids deserve the various opportunities to explore multiple learning tools – technology being one of them. But let’s also include the toys, manipulatives, and physical writing in activities as well.
Blog post EMBRACE CHANGE! A change up for me this year was ALL 26 of my kinders had their own CHROMEBOOK! Anxious to get started, my kids were logging in on the second day of school. Those who work with our youngest learners KNOW that some kids do not have letter names established early in the year.
Blog Post Like anything else with teaching, we work with the skills kids DO HAVE. I put colored tape on the keyboard to correspond with the letters and numbers on their login cards so they could match them from the card to the color on the keyboard row.
Blog Post One of my kids first activities was with their 5th grade buddies. My kids got to review how to take a snapshot and insert pics with the support of their bigs to create collaborative “Getting to know our Buddies slides.”
Blog Post After those intro activities in the apps, the kids were ready for the bigger and better, like graphing in Google Sheets. In the Leaves in my tree activity, the kids manipulated a Google Drawing to drag leaves onto their tree, graphed their results and completed the sentence frames.
Template I aim to design where I am not collecting 26 of the same thing from the kids. The kids have the same learning goals, but their work does NOT need to look the same. How are my students making CHOICES? How are the kids including THEMSELVES in activities?
Blog Post What kind of THINKING is going into an activity? The kids blew my away when they made models of 5 in Google Sheets, typed an addition equation to represent the model, and checked it by typing a FORMULA, or an equation that starts with an equals sign.
Template Integrating Google Apps with the kids has helped me include the kids’ interests, like ice cream, and support areas for growth, like writing. It is OKAY for kids to be working on an activity LONGER for them to get more of an understanding out of it.
Blog Post By working with Google Apps, the kids developed SO MANY digital literacy skills this year, from identifying icons and understanding that they do something, to inserting images and having to refine their search.
Blog post same as above Kids need those problem solving moments like “if I searched bath and the picture I wanted didn’t come up, how can I fix my search so that it DOES come up?” The kids are thinking critically and are smarter than the computer.
Blog Post The kids can demonstrate what they know while creating with Google Apps, but there is more to school than mastering skills. <PAUSE> What MEMORIES are our kids taking with them each year? They are going to remember the fun times…and those fun times CAN include learning.
Blog post same as above I designed a Breakout EDU after we read Charlie and the Chocolate factory. An Oompa Loompa brought the kids a locked treasure chest and they had to work teams within Google sheets to answer questions to obtain the code on the lock.
Blog Post Sometimes us teachers or even the kids are lucky enough to capture memories with pictures. At the end of the school year I share a folder of images with my kids and have them select the ones THEY want to include in their Memories Slides and type sentences for them.
Blog Post Of course the kids create all of this awesome digital work, but who gets to see it? It doesn’t need to live inside of Google Drive. Littles can create digital portfolios with Google Sites. Kids pick up on patterns SO quickly.
Blog post same as above In Google Sites that pattern of creating a new page, titling it, inserting the activities, and resizing them was all it took for the kids to create their OWN websites. That could be passed onto parents, and extended families, a virtual buddy class….BEYOND THE WALLS OF A CLASSROOM.
Videos about my message #GAfE4Littles is about believing. Believing in yourself to integrate a new learning platform. Believing in your students that they can create with technology and engage in critical thinking opportunities…BECAUSE THEY CAN!

Coming Soon: Google Apps for Littles

Google Apps for Littles Book by Christine Pinto

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