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Missed Alice Keeler at #TCEA17?

If you were unable to head to Austin for TCEA, I made a website for my sessions alicekeeler.com/tcea17 if you would like to access the resources.

Other Opportunities to Find Alice

Here are some other places I’ll be in the near future. This list is always changing so check out alicekeeler.com/events. You can also sign up for the newsletter to keep up with where Alice is at and tips and tricks. alicekeeler.com/keelernewsletter

Fresno CA: 2/11 Going Further with Google Classroom

Online: 2/13 Webinar on Feedback Faster in Google Classroom

Alaska: 2/18 ASTE 2017

Alaska: 2/20 CoffeeEDU at ASTE

Online: 3/6 Workshop Next Steps for Using Google Classroom with Alice Keeler

Dallas: 3/31 Teaching Math with Google Apps Workshop

Boston: 5/4 Teaching Math with Google Apps Workshop

Hawaii: 7/1 Google Classroom in Paradise with Alice Keeler and Michael Fricano

Brea CA: 6/29 Going Further with Google Classroom

Dallas: 10/21 Google Classroom Conference with Alice Keeler and Shake Up Learning Kasey Bell

Sessions from TCEA 17


2/8 6am-7 at Caffe Medici. AmazonEDU and TenMarks are sponsoring the coffee!

One of my favorite things is coffeeEDU. It is a strictly one hour meet up of educators. It is EdCamp style, the topic is not picked in advance. Participant-driven. Why 6am?? The best quality educators come at 6am ?? We want to make sure everyone gets to TCEA on time so we have the coffeeEDU before the event.

Student-Centered Classrooms

2/8 11am in YOUnited Lounge

Using G Suite to Inspire Learning

2/8 1:15pm Ballroom F

Google Classroom Tips

2/8 3:45 Ballroom F

Talk Less and Get More with Google Classroom

2/9 8am Ballroom E

Ditch That Homework

2/9 9:15am Ballroom E

Using Badges in Google Sheets

2/9 10:30am Ballroom E

Teaching Math with Google Apps

2/9 1:15 Ballroom F

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