One way to add animation to your lessons/website is to learn Flash. I know how to do this… I choose not to because (a) it is time consuming and (b) all my students have iPads.

In the past I have used animation-ish to create animations and export as Flash.  Much easier than creating the animation myself in Flash. I would upload an image of an xy axis and then animate the process for graphing the slope of a line. A nice little graphic to include in my Moodle lesson on graphing slopes. I like how unlike a video, it plays automatically and loops.

However with iPads, what do I do now? I created the above wiggle cartoon in animation-ish and exported the image files instead of exporting to flash. I then uploaded the files to which created an animated GIF from my images lickety split.  You can see it embedded easily into my wordpress blog.

Since most people do not have animation-ish, I made a Keynote (or PowerPoint) with 3 slides and exported the file as images.  I uploaded the 3 images to the  website and it gave me an embed code I could easily insert here.
making an animated gif

Making an animated gif

For Keynote go to the File Menu and go down to Export.  One of the export options is to export as images.  Note, I also use this method to create backgrounds for iMovie.

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