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This weekend I was honored to be in the Iron CUE competition at Fall CUE in Napa. It was a fun experience that I would do again in a heartbeat.  If anyone has seen the TV show Iron Chef this competition is based on that concept.  Two edtech competitors meet at the opening keynote to the conference and each choose 2 volunteer “sous chefs” from the audience.  A mystery technology ingredient is revealed and each team has 22 hours to create a lesson on a given topic that integrates the technology.

This year the lesson topic was sustainable living, conservation and green technology.  The mystery “ingredient” was revealed to be the iPevo document camera.

The iPevo document camera is pretty nifty.  It is light weight, I can put it in my purse easily, the picture quality is good and it was easy to use. My team decided to use the zoom feature with the iPevo and take close up pictures of items that would likely end up in a landfill.  Students would then be given a QR code linking to a close up picture of the item and guess what the item is.  The student would use the iPevo camera to scan the QR code. This item is then what the student would integrate into their project on sustainable living.

The full lesson plan can be found at https://alicekeeler.com/fallcue

I had an amazing team. Ali and Jon. I think we spent most of our time looking at different tech things that had nothing to do with the project! “What, you’re not on twitter?” So we ended up having a little mini CUE conference in out little room we took over. Amazingly fun. Ali had the primary idea for the project, she is fantastic. Ali even brought a printer from home!!  Both worked hard learning new Google techniques, QR codes, and how to use a document camera to pull this project together.  Jon whipped up a sample Google Site to demonstrate the student project in no time.
alice keeler iron cue team ali jon ironcue

At the closing keynote each team gets 5 minutes to present the lesson and the audience votes. Unfortunately no tech conference would be complete without technical difficulties. The internet of course was not working just as Team Van Dyke went up to present.  We both had prepared websites so that is no bueno.  Brian recovered like a champ, very impressive that even with his project not loading he and his team kept on presenting.

Of course when it came time to vote again more technical glitches … the CUE website went down and online voting was not working.  Had to go with non techie standby of voting by applause.  The vote was really close, as it should have been. Team Van Dyke did a great job on their project. Chairman, and reigning champ, Jim Sill declared Team Alice the winner.

While I only win bragging rights, the 4 volunteers each got to take home an iPevo camera (hey, I want one!) and they hopefully got to have a great time learning from both Brian and myself.

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