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I don’t know if you watched the Mole TV show… I think I watched half an episode. Premise is that you have 2 teams and on each team there is someone from the network who is sabotaging your team. The team that loses votes for the person who they think is the mole. The person with the most votes who is NOT the Mole gets kicked off the show.

I found this powerpoint on line and made up my own rules for how to make a review game. Students love it.  If you play it make sure you install the whole folder and run your PowerPoints from the folder, the files link to a sound file. The sound is probably the best part of the activity. The creepy Mole music really kicks it up 10,000 knotches.

If I teach summer school or have only one class I am doing the activity with I will type the students actual names into the PowerPoint.  When I use it with my classes where I have multiple classes I use playing cards.

I have a deck of cards and I go around the room and assign each kid a card.  “Mary, you are the Ace of Spades.”  I’ll give them a post it note to write that down on. This is a great way to do it because it allows me to make generic Mole Games that are reusable since they won’t remember which cards were eliminated in previous games (and they get assigned a different card each time).

Downside to the cards is that the kids don’t identify with the cards. So when I call out “Ace of Spades” there is sometimes some staring and non movement until some kid goes “oh oh that is me.” So I’ve learned to have a roster and write down what card each kid is so that when I say “Ace of Spades” I know it is Mary.

Other problem is that I don’t have 52 students in my class (I hope you don’t either).  So either you have extra cards in your game or you play with a smaller deck.  I usually go for the smaller deck but inevitably I lose the deck and don’t remember which cards are referenced in the game. So I get a new deck and have to redo my PowerPoint game slides…

You might want to try using animal names instead of cards and writing the animal names on an index card and use that to choose students at random… Kids remember what animal they are a lot easier than what card number they are.

Here is how I play. I put problems on the board or say them verbally.  Students work out their answers on individual whiteboards at their seat.  I randomly call on someone (you need a system to be random, hence the cards). I am ridiculously picky, it is much more fun if they get it wrong. So if the comma is not big enough or the handwriting is kinda sloppy and it might be a B instead of a 6…. “someone is getting eliminated.”

I then switch to the PowerPoint with the Mole game.  Make sure the sound works! I begin the execution and then the card titles start coming up on the screen.  I like to make the kids stand up if it is their card, much more nerve wracking.  If there is a green thumbprint they are safe and can sit down. If it is a red thumbprint they are eliminated…. but here is the kicker, they STILL HAVE TO PARTICIPATE. At the end of the game I give a small piece of candy or maybe a tiny bit of extra credit to whoever is still alive… kids who were eliminated don’t get the prize.  I’m of course an evil math teacher without feelings so I don’t have qualms about some kids not getting candy, you can work out your own system 🙂

Here is how I set up the PowerPoint
If I am using names I will print out the roster and cut out their names and draw randomly. Although being an EdTech nerd I actually put the names into an excel spreadsheet with a column next to their name that has the function =rand() which generates a random number. I then sort the sheet by the random number column.
I will type the first name picked into the first slide where I can put a name.
If that person is safe I go to the next name on the list, etc… until someone is eliminated (a red thumbprint slide follows their name).
With the paper slips I take the eliminated kids name out of the pile and shuffle back in the slips I just used. I think it is great when the same kid gets “picked on,” I let randomness choose who gets picked next. That way kids don’t sit back thinking they are safe because their name came up last time.
On the Excel spreadsheet I replace the random number with an x. Then when I sort the spreadsheet by the random column the kids who were eliminated sink to the bottom.

If I am doing a deck of cards I basically do the same thing, I shuffle the deck, pick a card off the top and type that card into the first slide with a name. I then take the 2nd card and type that into the next name spot until a card is eliminated. I remove that card from the deck and shuffle the remaining cards. I keep doing this until everyone has been eliminated.

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