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Quote Tweet: Mention The Tweeter

quote tweet mention the tweeter

Quote Tweet: Mention The Tweeter When you retweet a tweet on Twitter you have the option to add some commentary to the tweet you are retweeting. This is a “Quote tweet.” The problem is that when you quote tweet someone the quoted tweet does not count as a retweet for the tweeter’s statistics and the […]

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Participate in a Twitter Chat Template

participate in a twitter chat

Participate in a Twitter Chat Starting Tuesday, Google Apps for Littles (#GAfE4Littles) will be having a weekly chat at 5pm PST. For those participants who are new to Twitter chats I created a template to help. If you have never participated in a Twitter chat here is how it works. At the specified time log onto […]

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Twitter Chat Strategy: Put it at the End

Twitter Chat Strategy

A Twitter chat is usually exactly 1 hour with a structured set of questions. This is a great way to engage with other educators and have a dialog around different topics. I have a guide to participating in a Twitter chat. If you are looking for Twitter chats check out bit.ly/educhatcalendar. Tweetdeck I use Tweetdeck to […]

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Twitter: Un-Check Best Tweets First

Twitter Timeline

Frustrated your @twitter timeline is no longer in “most recent first” order? UN-CHECK this in Settings / Account pic.twitter.com/DnreYqNoCJ — Jonathan Rochelle (@jrochelle) May 1, 2016 Twitter Timeline Twitter has decided to take a lesson from FaceBook and manipulate your timeline to not be in real time. I use Twitter to engage in conversations with […]

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Twitter Noob: Some Tips to Get Into Twitter

Teachers on Twitter

Getting Into Twitter This morning at #coffeeEDU in Melbourne Australia we were chatting about how to get into using Twitter. A couple of teachers said they have a Twitter account but do not check it very often. I have a Remind group I created for teachers in the United States to send out a text […]

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Moderating a Twitter Chat: Google Sheets Template

Twitter Chat Moderator Template

Moderating a Twitter Chat Twitter chats are great ways for educators to connect. Moderating a Twitter chat is definitely rewarding but requires some organization. Since “the answer is always a spreadsheet,” I created a template to facilitate the process for being a Twitter chat moderator. Template alicekeeler.com/tweetmod Chat Information After making a copy, fill out the […]

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Share What You Do

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I am constantly sharing whatever resource I am using, keyboard shortcut I am rocking, or snippits from conversations I am having. If it is helpful to me I figure it might be helpful to someone else. There are some things we take for granted that everyone […]

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You Look Good In My Class Twitter Stream

Previously I had posted some blog posts on having a class Twitter account. This can be a good way to share the awesome things going on in your classroom, give parents a window into what fantastic things their child is doing all day, provide an audience for your students, and to connect with other classrooms […]

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Using Tech and You Are NOT on Twitter? Rethink That

If you are using tech to teach, I can pretty much guarantee something is not going right. You WILL have questions. Who do you ask? Who on your campus is a ninja at that technology? Who on your campus is a ninja at that technology and wants to be bothered with questions 24/7 from all […]

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Why a Class Twitter Account

@alicekeeler We are comparing soil across Canada. Can you please ask your Canadian followers to send a #soil sample! Enough to fill a cup. — MsKranenburgsClass (@MsKsGr3and4) September 16, 2015 An elementary class in Canada sent out a plea on Twitter to have people across Canada send them a cup of dirt. The students are […]

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Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet

I have had several teachers how they can have their students tweet without having a Twitter account. I highly encourage teachers to have a class twitter account and a class hashtag. Here is how to use the class Twitter account. Tweet Pictures Provide a window into your classroom by posting pictures of your class and […]

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Twitter: Find Your Favorite Tweets

Favoriting tweets in Twitter is not the same as liking something on Facebook. When you click on the star on a tweet you are saving the tweet for later. When you favorite a tweet the person who tweeted it is notified in their notifications. If you are trying to tell the person you like their […]

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#ISTE15 or #ISTE2015 – View Both in Tweetdeck

Previously the hashtag for the ISTE event was the 2 digits of the year. Last year the hashtag was switched to the 4 digits of the year and this year again ISTE is going with #ISTE2015. Many of us are use to the old pattern. The old pattern also conserves 2 needed characters. Each tweet is […]

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10 Things to Know about Twitter Hashtags

I notice that some teachers I chat with are confused about how hashtags work. Here is my basic guide to hashtags. #Hashtag A hashtag starts with the pounds symbol (#) followed by a single word (or words smashed together). No spaces. Tag or Topic The hashtag is a tag you might code your tweet with. […]

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Learning a New Tool? Follow the Hashtag

If you are trying to learn a new tool I suggest that you find other teachers who are using the tool so you can learn tips, best practices, innovative ways to use it and to be able to ask questions. In my opinion the best place to find these users is on Twitter. Twitter will […]

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