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Crazy Easy: Collaborative Google Slides Template

collaborative google slides template

Collaborative Google Slides Template Using technology should be about how to improve how you interact with your students. Google makes it easy to transform your class to be more about collaboration. One of my favorite activities is collaborative Google Slides. That is all students in the class on the SAME document. This allows for use to […]

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Google Slides Collaborative Template

collaborative group slides template

Collaborative Google Slides I learned from Christine Pinto an idea of modifying the slide layout to create layouts with different colored backgrounds. This allows different groups to contribute to the same Google Slides. Students are assigned to a color group and any slides that group contributes to the collaborative Google Slides utilizes that colored slide. […]

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Google Slides: Create Rotating Slideshow

google slides rotating slideshow

Google Slides Automatic Advance For Back to School night you may want to share student work and  on a rotating slideshow that automatically advances. Publish to the Web After creating a Google Slides you will want to use the File menu to publish it to the web. Note: You do NOT have to be finished […]

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Google Slides: Collaborate in 40 Seconds

collaborate on google slides in under 40 seconds

Collaborate with Google Slides When moving to digital tools it is a mindset shift. Our first question should not be “how do I take all my stuff I have and put it online?” Instead, “How do I have more dynamic interactions with my students?” “How will we collaborate?” “How can I give feedback faster?” “How […]

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Google Slides: Edit the Slide Master

google slides view master slide master

Google Slides Themes Why be like everyone else, edit the Google Slides master to create custom themes! View Menu I usually start with a blank white theme. I then go to the View menu and choose “Master.” Master Slide Notice there is a “Master” slide that rules all of the layouts. Click on that top […]

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Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

Animate your math

Link to animation Link to sample student Google Slides Teach Math with Google Apps What does teaching math in an age of Google Apps look like? One way is to use Google Slides to teach math. Slides presentations are basically unlimited blank sheets, what can you not do with Google Slides? Move away from math worksheets […]

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Google Classroom: Edit Slides Not Copy

Edit google slides do not copy (1)

Link to Slides presentation Edit Google Slides Old school thinking back when we used PowerPoint was to create copies of the presentations for back up files or to just update the presentation. Emailing a copy of PowerPoint creates a copy of the document. Any updates to the presentation by the author are not represented in […]

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Math Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

Google math vocab scavenger hunt slides

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt A fun way for students to learn math vocabulary is to ask them to go on a vocabulary scavenger hunt. Students go out on campus and take pictures that represent the “math in the wild.” Template alicekeeler.com/vocabscavengerhunt Vocab Have students create slides using the template of vocabulary from the unit. Students will […]

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Google Math: I See Math

I See Math

I See Math Diana Herrington (@mathdiana) and I are trying something using photos and Google Slides. Something we advocate is using photos in your math class to help students connect the learning objective to real objects. Diana is always using her phone to take pictures of things around her. This is accompanied by a nerdy […]

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Google Slides: Ask Questions DURING a Presentation

Ask a Question

Be Interactive with your Audience A typical drawback of presenting is the challenge of interactivity. Even though we want people to ask us questions during a presentation, it can be difficult for audience members to ask. A new feature in Google Slides aims to fix that. Q&A During the Presentation Google Slides now allows the […]

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Investigating Small Group Conversations with @mathdiana

small group investigations

Small Group Investigation Math teacher Diana Herrington has been utilizing Google Slides with her math students in some really innovative ways. Rather than initially providing students with a Sine graph she instead has the students work in groups of 4.  A slide in the group activity slides sets up the investigation. Each student is given […]

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Google Slides: Create a Hyperlink Tutorial

Tutorial on making google slides tutorials slides hyperlink

Create Branching Slides for an Interactive Google Slides Experience Tutorial This is a tutorial on creating Google Slides that hyperlink to non sequential slides. Instead of the user going from slide 1 to slide 2 the user makes a decision based on the slide and clicks a button to jump to a slide with more […]

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Why a Brochure?

Ditch the Brochure

Why Assign a Brochure? I think it is really important that we are very intentional about our assignments. Why do we do what we do? Why will students care about the assignment and be engaged? Sometimes we think students will like something and it is a total flop. One of my pre-service teacher students give […]

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Google Slides: Ask and Respond Template

Google Slides Ask and Respond Template

Use Google Slides to Interact with Students “Don’t use Google Slides to give information, use it to GET information.” While I do use Google Slides to share information with students, my favorite use for Google Slides is collaboration. I have been using Google Slides in conjunction with Google Hangouts with my students. Setting up a Google […]

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5 Google Apps Templates for Kindergarten

5 Google Apps templates for kindergarten

Google Classroom makes it easier to use Google Apps with younger grades. Create a copy of the templates below, adjust the title and make tweaks to the template to suit your learning objective. In Google Classroom create an assignment and click on the Google Drive icon to add the template. Change the default from “Students […]

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