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Ten Frames Activity in Google Sheets

pinto ten frames google sheets activity

This activity was created by Christine Pinto to have her transitional kindergarten students practice conceptual understanding using ten frames. Ten Frames Template pintomaketen.gafe4littles.com  Google Apps for Littles I always say “do not underestimate what students can do” but I will admit I was blown away by 6-year-old Jocelyn. At a Google Apps for Littles workshop […]

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Group Brainstorm a Topic with Google Sheets

group brainstorm google sheets (1)

Group Brainstorm a Topic with Google Sheets When asking students to brainstorm a spreadsheet is a great tool to capture their ideas. If students are working in small groups to brainstorm a topic or idea, put all the groups into a single Google Sheets spreadsheet to make it easier to collaborate and share across groups. […]

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Participate in a Twitter Chat Template

participate in a twitter chat

Participate in a Twitter Chat Starting Tuesday, Google Apps for Littles (#GAfE4Littles) will be having a weekly chat at 5pm PST. For those participants who are new to Twitter chats I created a template to help. If you have never participated in a Twitter chat here is how it works. At the specified time log onto […]

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5 Typing Tips for Google Sheets [Infographic]

5 Google Sheets tips

Tips for Navigating Google Sheets I have been building some Google Expeditions lessons that pair up with a spreadsheet. Helping students know how to navigate a spreadsheet will help them to focus on the lesson rather than how to use a spreadsheet. Link to graphic Google Sheets Tips Be Aware of Your Cell When you […]

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Modeling Division of Brownies by @joboaler

jo boaler mathematical mindsets brownie division

Brownie Division If you have been following me recently you know that I am completely obsessed with the book “Mathematical Mindsets” by Jo Boaler. Dr. Boaler is a mathematics professor at Stanford who shows how recent brain research should cause us to change the traditional approaches to teaching math. Color Coding In her book, she […]

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IF you use Google Sheets

If Statements Google Sheets

IF Function in Google Sheets One of my favorite formulas for a spreadsheet is an IF function. If the value of a cell meets certain criteria, do this. Otherwise, do something else. If =IF(criteria, true, false) Examples Random Sort I like to use the formula =rand() to assign students a random number and then sort […]

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Google Sheets: Find Unique Entries

Google Sheets pick a winner

Find Unique Entries in Google Sheets When the 2nd Google Classroom book that Libbi Miller and I wrote came out, we put out a Google Form to win a copy of the book. Before choosing a winner I needed to exclude duplicate entries. Here is how to do this. Sample Data CLICK HERE for some […]

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Updated: Epic Rubric on Google Sheets

Google Sheets Rubric

Use Spreadsheets for Rubrics When it comes to calculating things, don’t do it by hand. I was standing in 110˚ heat yesterday as the ladies at the fireworks stand attempted 5 times to calculate my bill. I’m still not confident they calculated it correctly. Even when using a calculator it is too easy to accidentally […]

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Together… Let’s Make a Google Form

Collaborate on Google Forms

Collaborating on a Google Form Google Forms is awesome, but be warned there is NO revision history. If you have multiple collaborators on a Google Form and someone deletes a question or edits it accidentally, you have no recourse. Students Collaborate One idea for creating a collaborative Google Form is to have students create questions […]

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Measurement Activity: Google Sheets for Littles

Kindergarten measurement count

Kindergarten Count Measure This spreadsheet template is for younger students to practice measuring and counting. This is an adaptation of a worksheet which had pictures of clip art next to blocks where the students counted the blocks. This asks students to figure out the blocks rather than the blocks being given to the student. Note: […]

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Let’s Play Add-on – Students Collaborating on the Same Doc

lets play students collaborate on same game document

Collaborate on the Same Document One of the coolest things about Google Docs is the ability to be on the same document at the same time. This allows students to work together, peer evaluate and play games! It can be a little tricky for students to get on the same document, especially littles who may […]

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Mark It – Round to Tens Game

rounding game mark it round 10

Based on this game the spreadsheet version is https://t.co/tB9fjTbdUL https://t.co/vE4JiRk01L — Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) May 22, 2016 Rounding Game Since the answer is always a spreadsheet I created a digital version of the Mark It game for rounding. In the original game, students would roll 3 die and arrange them in any order they wish. […]

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Try This It’s Easy – Google Sheets: Count Stuff

Count Google Sheets

Use Spreadsheets Spreadsheets are an incredibly valuable life skill. Students of any age can use them. Essentially you have a grid to put stuff in, doesn’t have to be numbers. Help students to sort and organize information by doing tasks in Google Sheets. Count In Google Sheets, highlight a range of data (stuff). Automatically the […]

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4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom

*Parent permission obtained to use video Today I am inviting Christine Pinto to join me in my keynote.This is her first year teaching. She constantly amazes me with how she fearlessly tackles using Google Classroom and Google Apps with her TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids. She never says her kids can’t. The above video shows a […]

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Pixel Art Battleship

pixel art battleship

Battleship using @alicekeeler pixel art template plus chrome extension tab scissors. #EndOfYear2016 pic.twitter.com/OCgcl6pgAX — Cindy Schluckebier (@schluckteach) May 9, 2016 Pixel Art Battleship Pixel Art and Battleship… yup that sounds awesome! Cynthia Schluckebier shared on Twitter her students using the pixel art template (alicekeeler.com/pixelart) along with Tab Scissors to play the game Battleship. Cynthia’s Steps 1. I […]

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