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Tips and Tricks: Search, Address Bar and the Ominibox

Magnifying Glass clipart from Clker.com Some browsers separate the address bar and the search box. Google Chrome was the first to use what they call the omnibox. The omnibox is a combination of the address bar and the search box. This means you can perform a Google search right in omnibox, or you can type […]

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Searching your Google Drive

I am really liking Google Drive (http://drive.google.com).  At the top of your Gmail you may still be seeing “documents” listed instead of drive, if you can I would recommend changing to Drive.  If you are on a Google Apps domain that decision may need to be made by the Google Apps Administrator. Drive is basically […]

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Gmail Search

One of the features I love about Gmail is the ability to search my emails.  While I will occasionally use labels to organize some emails, mostly this is unnecessary since I can use the search bar at the top.  While creating a presentation for using Gmail I thought it might be handy for the participants […]

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