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Easy Ways to Upgrade an Assignment from 1900 to 2017

easy upgrades to the math worksheet

Upgrade the Worksheet from 1900 I recently blogged about a student’s homework assignment that was 36 DOK 1 math problems. I looked up math homework from 1900 and it was pretty much IDENTICAL! So what are some easy things we can do to teach like it is 2017 and not 1900? 1. Use Bitmoji Maybe it […]

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Are We Killing Students Love of Math?

Jo Boaler in her book Mathematical Mindsets describes math as “creative and visual.” I have a degree in math, I enjoy doing math problems. What I really enjoy is using my math to creatively solve problems, one of many reasons I have a love affair with spreadsheets. When I create and design a spreadsheet it […]

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Type Your Math

type math type your math

Type Your Math As a math teacher I was 1:1 almost my entire teaching career. I try to be consistent that even when writing on the board or on paper that I would write out what the math would look like typed linearly. I asked the students to always write the linear version in addition […]

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Upgrade the Worksheet: Place Value

place value upgrade the worksheet

Upgrade the Worksheet: Place Value I’m always looking for how we can use technology to make learning better, not just paperless. Instead of moving the worksheets online, upgrade them! In the above worksheet, the students are given numbers that have no connection to anything. What do these numbers represent? Why would students care about them? […]

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Are The Students THINKING?

problem solving framework

Are The Students THINKING? I am a fan of Robert Kaplinsky who has some great blog posts on Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Check out his new post ” Is Problem Solving Complex or Complicated?” We sometimes give students strategies to tackle problems, but then we risk the students focusing on the tricks/tips/strategy rather than really […]

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Math Puzzle, Get Students Thinking

math puzzles strategic thinking

Math Puzzles, Get Students Thinking Google Home was just introduced, this allows you to shout out questions to the universe and have the answer. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a Google Home for the classroom so students could shout out “Ok Google, what is the perimeter of a square with a width of 7 […]

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Book: Teaching Math with Google Apps

teaching math with google math google math book

Teaching Math with Google Apps Book Diana Herrington and I are finishing up the book “Teaching Math with Google Apps.” We have over 300 links, examples and resources in the book. If you are interested in being notified when the book is published please fill out the Google Form. In the meantime, follow the hashtag […]

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TRUTH: I Have Anxiety About Math Facts


Fact, I have anxiety about math facts. I have a degree in math. I graduated college with honors. I got the highest score at my university on the Putnam exam, which is supposedly a big deal to get a non-zero score. I taught high school math for 14 years. I am the Queen of Spreadsheets. […]

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Time For A Change to Teaching Math


  Time For A Change to Teaching Math Guest blog post by Venetia Ricchio (@Bellagio594) I want to change the way I teach. I see a lot of students mindlessly memorizing patterns and procedures without any understanding the math I teach them. Technology into the classroom has forced me to do less lecturing and be […]

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Google Graph Paper for Math

Google graph paper for google slides

Graph Paper for Google Slides I was trying to find a PNG (ie: transparent) graph paper image for use with Google Slides. Unhappy with what was easy to find, I made my own in Google Drawings. Folder of Graph Paper These are made in Google Draw. Make a copy and modify as you wish. Google […]

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Ten Frames Activity in Google Sheets

pinto ten frames google sheets activity

This activity was created by Christine Pinto to have her transitional kindergarten students practice conceptual understanding using ten frames. Ten Frames Template pintomaketen.gafe4littles.com  Google Apps for Littles I always say “do not underestimate what students can do” but I will admit I was blown away by 6-year-old Jocelyn. At a Google Apps for Littles workshop […]

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Teaching Math With Google Apps: Conversations in Slides

math conversations with Google Slides

Teaching Math with Google Apps I have been 1:1 almost my entire teaching career. When asked “can you use technology to teach math?,” I do not know how to teach math WITHOUT technology. The wrong question is “How do I do exactly what I was doing before?” July 29th Workshop Join Diana Herrington and myself […]

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Modeling Division of Brownies by @joboaler

jo boaler mathematical mindsets brownie division

Brownie Division If you have been following me recently you know that I am completely obsessed with the book “Mathematical Mindsets” by Jo Boaler. Dr. Boaler is a mathematics professor at Stanford who shows how recent brain research should cause us to change the traditional approaches to teaching math. Color Coding In her book, she […]

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Mathematical Mindsets by @joboaler

mathematical mindsets jo boaler

Mathematical Mindsets What I am reading right now is the book “Mathematical Mindsets” by Stanford math professor Jo Boaler (@joboaler). Without question, this is a book we ALL need to read. Even if you are not a teacher of math she has great research and insights for teaching and learning that is good for all […]

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Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

Animate your math

Link to animation Link to sample student Google Slides Teach Math with Google Apps What does teaching math in an age of Google Apps look like? One way is to use Google Slides to teach math. Slides presentations are basically unlimited blank sheets, what can you not do with Google Slides? Move away from math worksheets […]

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