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iPad Student Screencasting

So students have an iPad…. or maybe just the teacher has one.  Now what? How about having students use the iPad and the free Showme app or the feature rich Explain Everything app to explain what they are learning.  These create a video, capturing the student’s voice, of the student writing on the screen. Advantages: […]

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WordPress and the iPad

I have been using the WordPress App for the iPad and really enjoy using it.  I use it for 2 things 1) FAQ website for my students and 2) Student digital portfolios. I created a free wordpress account on www.wordpress.com and posted the link on my class website. I love that I can take pictures […]

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Teaching with iPad

Last Monday I lead a training in Hollywood for how to use your iPad to teach math. The assumption was that the teacher had an iPad and the students did not. This has been my reality ever since the iPad came out, I got the iPad 1 the first day it came out. Just yesterday […]

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