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Google Classroom: Extend the Due Date for Some

extend the due date google classroom

Google Classroom: Extend the Due Date for Some Students We have all been in the situation where a student has a legitimate reason for needing to turn in an assignment after the due date. The problem is that Google Classroom is unforgiving with the “Late” flag. This really stresses students out. “But Keeler, you said […]

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Google Apps: Updates to Revision History

Restore this revision

G Suite: Updates to Revision History Revision history in Google Apps is a life saver. Definitely, an essential skill of G Suite users is knowing how to restore a document using Revision history. Under the File menu choose “See revision history” to see a list of edits made to the document. Restore This Revision The […]

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Google Sheets: Rotate Text

rotate text google sheets

Google Sheets: Rotate Text Google has been on a roll adding new features to G Suite and Google Apps that you’ve been desperate for! First, you can add videos to Google Slides from Google Drive and now you can rotate your text in Google Sheets. Formatting Text rotation formats the text. You will find options […]

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How Many C’s Are In That Word Sort?

How Many C's in the Word Sort

How Many C’s Are In That Word Sort? When using technology I like to ask the question “How does this make learning BETTER?” Not just digital or more colorful but BETTER! The activity of sorting words by definition was never a critical thinking task. It is DOK 1. Students remember the definition and classify the […]

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Google Forms Email Notifications

Email Notifications in Google Forms

Google Forms Email Notifications If you are using a Google Form that you expect infrequent submissions on, you may want an email notification when someone fills out your Form. Create This is just a fun tip. If you put /create at the end of forms.google.com it quickly creates a Google Form for you. forms.google.com/create Responses […]

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Google Apps: A Few Tricks (8)

8 Google Apps Tricks

Google Apps: A Few Tricks (Eight) Always learning new things! This week I learned a few new tricks and just want to revisit a few old ones. Bold Comments I learned this trick from Diana Herrington. In Google Apps when you insert a comment (I use the keyboard shortcut Control+Alt+M) you can bold the text […]

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5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know

5 Things You Did Not Know About Google Slides by Alice Keeler

5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know This is a little cheating as some of these features are new so you could not have known!! Google Slides is one of my favorites. I use it to have students GIVE ME information rather than get information. Truly transformative for teaching. 1. Insert Video from […]

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Google Slides: Give Me Three for Feedback

Choose 3 for Feedback

Google Slides: Give Me Three for Feedback It is not reasonable to be able to give all students high-quality feedback on multiple problems. However, the feedback loop is one of our most powerful tools for students to learn. Rather than turning in work for a grade have students turn in work for feedback. Google Slides […]

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Google Apps: Create a Copy for EACH Class

CopyDocs for Classes by Alice Keeler

Google Apps: Create a Copy for EACH Class If you teach multiple sections of the same class you might find yourself making a copy of a collaborative template for each class. This can be tedious. CopyDocs for Classes My Add-on script CopyDocs for Classes does the hard work for you. Simply pick the Google Docs, Sheets, […]

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Google Classroom: Check In with Students

weekly check in google classroom (1)

Create a Weekly Check In for Google Classroom In previous semesters I used a Google Form to have students check in every week. While Google Forms are the best thing since sliced bread, this semester I switched to using Google Classroom for my weekly check in. Note this is not a 5 a day or […]

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Google Hangout from Google Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar When trying to connect with people on a Google Hangout video chat I find the easiest way to do that is to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar Event Go to calendar.google.com and create a calendar event by clicking on the day and time you wish to create the Google Hangout […]

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Chrome Extension: AnyoneCanView

Chrome Extension: AnyoneCanView I like to think that I’m really really good with using Google Apps. I know that when you create a new document it is by default private. You have to click on the blue Share button and change the sharing permissions to “Anyone with the link can view.” This takes several steps. […]

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Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots

feedback screenshots in google classroom

Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots Things that make me scowly is too many clicks and inefficient workflows. As teachers, we usually have to repeat our actions 30-150 times depending on how many students we have. While doing something once may be no big deal, does it scale? I found most of the screenshot tools required multiple […]

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Google Math: Join Me In My Thinking

Google Math Join Me In My Thinking

Google Math: Join Me In My Thinking I love using Google Slides for math. As Diana Herrington says, it causes you to slow down and think. Duplicating slides allows me to build upon my thinking rather than simply layering all steps on top of each other. Inserting a text box on each slide provides me […]

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Little SIS for Google Classroom by @astillman

little SIS

Little SIS for Google Classroom Guest blog post by Andrew Stillman For many of the same reasons I created Doctopus, I agree with Alice Keeler that Google Classroom — used imaginatively, #notjustforworksheets;) — has an amazing potential to change the way kids and teachers interact and learn.  Simply put, Google Classroom makes it easier to […]

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