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Chrome Extension: AnyoneCanView

Chrome Extension: AnyoneCanView I like to think that I’m really really good with using Google Apps. I know that when you create a new document it is by default private. You have to click on the blue Share button and change the sharing permissions to “Anyone with the link can view.” This takes several steps. […]

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Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots

feedback screenshots in google classroom

Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots Things that make me scowly is too many clicks and inefficient workflows. As teachers, we usually have to repeat our actions 30-150 times depending on how many students we have. While doing something once may be no big deal, does it scale? I found most of the screenshot tools required multiple […]

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Create a Tutorial with SlideShot and Explore Tool

SlideShot Google Slides Tutorials

Create a Tutorial with SlideShot and Explore Tool Want to create a Google Slides with a tech tutorial? Try using the SlideShot Chrome Extension and the Explore tool built into Google Slides. Sample Tutorial To demonstrate how to use my alicekeeler.com/pulltheparagraph Add-on I started a SlideShot from the Chrome extension and went through the steps to Pull […]

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Google Chrome Extensions: A Big Ol List

alice keeler big ol list of chrome extensions

Alice’s List of Chrome Extensions I went through my Chrome extensions and made a list of them. I opened all of the extensions in the Chrome Web Store in a single window and then used the OneTab Chrome extension to collapse them into a list. http://www.one-tab.com/page/A7QiMO9uT1m259T_Iy_ZRg      

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SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool

Google Slides Explore Tool and SlideShot Chrome Extension Alice Keeler

SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool The Explore tool in Google Slides is relatively new. It uses machine learning to predict attractive layouts for the slide. I have to admit it almost instantly became one of my favorite features. You can locate the Explore tool icon in the bottom right corner. While creating a slide, click […]

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G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension

G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension Awhile back Google bought a company, Synergyse, that integrates G Suite training into the Google Apps. Using Gmail, Google Drive, etc… tutorials will pop up directing you through how to use the product. This is really important so we can allow teachers to be more knowledgeable of using […]

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QuickShare Screenshot Chrome Extension

quickshare screenshot

QuickShare Screenshot Chrome Extension I take thousands of screenshots every year. This is an essential part of a blended classroom. When I want students to use digital resources I will include screenshots of what the students need to click on within the directions document. I share with students things I see on the web using […]

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Bitmoji Feedback in My Google Doc

Did you know… you can drag a Bitmoji (Chrome extension) into a student Google Doc to give feedback 🙂 #GoogleEDU pic.twitter.com/FTjdUnvnuL — Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) August 31, 2016 Bitmoji Feedback in a Google Doc Did you know you can DRAG from the Bitmoji Chrome extension right onto a Google Doc, Drawing or Slides? Bitmoji Chrome […]

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Use Short URL’s

use url shorteners short URL

Use Short URL’s Long URL’s are not very attractive. They distract from “communicating clearly.” Your note can get lost with the long link. Short links also make it easier to direct people to a webpage when they are not able to click on the link, but rather are typing in the web address (URL). Too […]

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17 Chrome Extensions for You

17 Chrome Extensions

  17 Chrome Extensions Try out these 17 Chrome extensions to add functionality to your Chrome browser. goo.gl Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides Snagit (Update: No longer available) OneTab Save to Google Bitmoji (Leave students fun feedback. DRAG into a Google Doc!) Grammarly MediaCore Capture (record from webcam) MakeGIF Drive20 Open Side by Side […]

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Drive20 Chrome Extension

Drive 20 Chrome Extension icon

I commissioned the creation of a Chrome extension that will open 20 Google Drive files all at once. Why might you ask? When providing feedback on student work, double clicking on 20 files can be time-consuming. Since feedback faster is my mantra, Drive20 can help me do that. Chrome Extension tinyurl.com/drive20 Click the Icon To […]

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Share a List of Resources: OneTab Chrome Extension

One Tab

A quick way to share a list of web resources is to use the OneTab Chrome extension. Students or teachers can conduct a Google search on a topic. Hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) when clicking on a link will open the destination URL in a new tab. After gathering several web […]

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For Students – Google Classroom: Classroom Split – Chrome Extension

Classroom Split Chrome extension is for students to help them view Google Classroom directions side by side with their work. Previously I had commissioned a Chrome extension that made grading with Google Classroom easier. The extension “Gradebook Split” allowed you to insert your online gradebook web address and have it automatically open up side by […]

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Snagit Chrome Extension: Share the Google Drive Folder

Update The Snagit Chrome extension is no longer available. However, you can save screenshots and screen recordings to Google Drive using the full version Snagit ($30). You will want to follow the same steps below to update the folder settings. I love the save to Google Drive feature of the full version Snagit, I highly […]

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4 Chrome Extensions September 2015

Here are another 4 Chrome extensions you and your students may find useful. For the list of my blog posts on Chrome extensions, click here. Giphy Adding fun animated GIF’s to your Google Docs can be a great way to engage with students. Students can have fun adding animated images to their presentation to illustrate the […]

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