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Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

google Drive video in Google Slides

Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides Google Slides just got a little more awesome today. Only being able to insert YouTube videos into Google Slides is obviously a problem for many schools. You can now insert a video from Google Drive into Google Slides. Short Clips You should NOT embed a super long video […]

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Quickly Create 7 Copies of DiscussionTab

-Discussion Tab multiple classes

My DiscussionTab template allows you to facilitate class discussions using Google Sheets. Create a list of discussion questions in Column A (and tab names in Column B) and run the DiscussionTab menu to create a sheet for each question. Share the spreadsheet with the class with editing permissions. Template alicekeeler.com/discussiontab  Multiple Classes If you teach multiple […]

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10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017

10 google apps tips for 2017

10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017 1. Force a Copy When I create templates I like to share the templates in a way that prompts the user to create a copy. Notice if you go to alicekeeler.com/poo that it does not take you directly to the document but rather asks you to copy it […]

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Google Drive: Share a Folder

share a folder in google drive

Share a Folder in Google Drive An important skill for G Suite users is to be able to share a folder in Google Drive. Any files in the folder take on the sharing permissions of folder. This is an easy way to share multiple documents. Simply create a Google Doc in the folder or drag […]

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Edit Images in Google Drive: Pixlr Editor

image editor connect to google drive

Edit Images in Google Drive: Pixlr Editor I frequently save images and screenshots to my Google Drive. The Chrome extension “QuickShare Screenshot” directly saves to Google Drive with no extra steps. If the screenshot needs additional edits, such as blurring out information or drawing an arrow, there are apps you can connect to Google Drive […]

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Google Classroom: Viewing Student Work in Google Drive [infographic]

Viewing Student Work in Google Drive One of my favorite ways to assess student work through Google Classroom is to use Google Drive. Google Classroom Stream To locate student work in Google Classroom simply click on the assignment title in the Stream. Assignment Folder Below the count of students who are “Done” or “Not done” […]

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Google Drive: Press N to Rename

control n rename files in google drive

Use N to Rename a Google Doc In Google Drive you can easily rename files using the keyboard shortcut N. Single Click Click one time on a file in Google Drive. Press N to prompt a box to rename. Mass Rename One time I accidentally attached the wrong document in Google Classroom. I had to delete […]

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Google Docs: Turn On Offline Access

offline settings Google Drive

Access Google Docs Offline I am on a plane right now and with no WiFi I was able to pull up Google Drive in the Chrome browser and open a recent document I was working on (it was a spreadsheet, no surprise). Google Drive You will want to enable offline mode in Google Drive. Go […]

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Google Drive: Share with a Period

Sharing in Google Drive

Be a Keyboard Shortcut Ninja Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and you’ll be a ninja of the computer by the end of the school year! Put your keyboard shortcut on a Post-It note on your computer. When you have that one mastered, learn another one. Sharing in Google Drive What makes Google Apps truly […]

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Google Drive: Embed a PDF

embed a pdf from google drive

Embed a PDF If you have PDF’s in Google Drive and want to embed them on a website (such as WordPress) you are able to get the embed code. Preview Select your PDF in Google Drive. In the toolbar click on the eye icon to preview the PDF. Pop Out You need to pop out […]

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Google Classroom: Clean Up Your Folders

Archive Google Classroom Folders

Google Classroom Folders Google Classroom creates in Google Drive a folder for each class and each assignment. This can make for a lot of folders after you’ve been using Google Classroom for awhile. Move The Folders Tip to create an archive folder in the Classroom folder. You can drag your past class folders into the […]

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Google Apps Script Picker Tutorial

Google Apps Script Picker Template

Google Apps Script Picker Google Apps Script allows you to code Google Apps such as Google Sheets spreadsheets and Google text documents. One thing I do when coding Google Apps Script is ask the user to give me the ID of a file or folder so that my code can call up or manipulate that […]

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Let’s Play Add-on – Students Collaborating on the Same Doc

lets play students collaborate on same game document

Collaborate on the Same Document One of the coolest things about Google Docs is the ability to be on the same document at the same time. This allows students to work together, peer evaluate and play games! It can be a little tricky for students to get on the same document, especially littles who may […]

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Google Docs do NOT Count Against Your Google Drive Storage

Free Storage in Google Drive

If you are a Google Apps for Education (GAfE) user, you have UNLIMITED Google Drive storage. However your personal Gmail account does not. Google Apps for Work users are also not unlimited (unless they upgrade to that service.) Free for Schools Just to reiterate, schools have unlimited storage so put a lot of videos into […]

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Google Drive: Use the Search Filter

Google Drive filter your search

Search Google Drive Since Google Drive is made by Google, it of course allows you to search your files! At the top of Google Drive is a search box. The search box searches the entire file not just the file title. You can filter Google Drive to more quickly find your files. Filter Google Drive In […]

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