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Chromebook: Take a Partial Screenshot

control shift windows switcher

Chromebook: Take a Partial Screenshot To take a partial screenshot on a Chromebook, hold down the Control key, the Shift key and the Windows switcher key (above the 6 key). This will change the arrow into cross hairs allowing you to select a portion of the screen. A full screenshot can be taken by omitting […]

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I’m In Love: Acer R13 Chromebook

acer r13 chromebook

I’m In Love: Acer R13 Chromebook My new Chromebook is the Acer R13. It is a touchscreen convertible, which means it flips around into a tablet and can also run Android apps. I have owned many Chromebooks, including the Acer R11, and hands down this is the nicest Chromebook, and possibly computer, I have ever used. […]

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Chromebook: Post Screenshots to Google Slides

Chromebook screenshots to slides

Chromebook: Post Screenshots to Google Slides One thing I advocate is for students to take screenshots of their work while they are working on a Chromebook. This provides a level of accountability for what the students are working on during class and also provides the student with images to discuss their work. Screenshots are easily […]

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Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts As we go back to school, let’s teach our students how to access keyboard shortcuts on the Chromebook. This not only increases digital literacy for students but improves workflows and saves class time. Control Alt Question Mark Holding down the Control key and Alt Key and then pressing the Question Mark key […]

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Android Apps on My Acer R11 Chromebook

Android Apps Chromebook Alice Keeler

Run Android Apps on an Acer R11 Chromebook The Acer R11 Chromebook is a touchscreen Chromebook that flips around into a tablet. Recently Google has enabled Android apps to run on Chromebooks. This capability is not standard on Chromebooks yet and currently only available for selected models. I really like my Acer R11 convertible Chromebook. The device […]

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Chromebook: Caps Lock Key

Chromebooks do not have a Caps Lock key. Instead there is a search button, which in my opinion is completely useless when the address bar  is a search. Use Control-L to highlight the address bar and type your search. You can switch your search button into a Caps Lock button. Search Alt Hold down the […]

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Make Your Chromebook More Like Your Mac

If you are a Mac user like me you may feel like your Chromebook is scrolling “backwards.” On the Chromebook you use Control (ctrl) instead of Command for common keyboard shortcuts. On a Mac the Command key is next to the spacebar, but on the Chromebook the Control key is in the corner. Swap the […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts on a Chromebook

Ctrl Alt ? On a Chromebook, hold down the Control and the Alt key at the same time. Quickly press once on the question mark key to reveal a screen of keyboard shortcuts for the Chromebook. Hold down the Control key to see which key combinations work with the Control key. For example, holding down […]

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Screencasting on a Chromebook

More and more I am loving my chromebook.  It is super light weight, boots in 8 seconds. Most of what I do is web based anyway. I use a lot of Google Docs so the chromebook suits my needs for so many things. At $249 for the samsung series 3, it is a fantastic deal. […]

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