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Google Apps: Updates to Revision History

Restore this revision

G Suite: Updates to Revision History Revision history in Google Apps is a life saver. Definitely, an essential skill of G Suite users is knowing how to restore a document using Revision history. Under the File menu choose “See revision history” to see a list of edits made to the document. Restore This Revision The […]

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Google Apps: A Few Tricks (8)

8 Google Apps Tricks

Google Apps: A Few Tricks (Eight) Always learning new things! This week I learned a few new tricks and just want to revisit a few old ones. Bold Comments I learned this trick from Diana Herrington. In Google Apps when you insert a comment (I use the keyboard shortcut Control+Alt+M) you can bold the text […]

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Insert Drawings into Google Apps

drawing google apps

Insert Drawings into Google Apps I live for collaboration and feedback conversations instead of comments. This is what I love about using G Suite with Google Apps. Instead of scribbling comments onto a kids paper that they probably do not get a lot of learning out of, switching to inserting comments in a Google Docs, […]

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Get Going with Google Apps for Education GAfE [Game] [Infographic]

Getting going with google apps for education

Get Going with Google Apps for Education GAfE link GAfE Level Up Game I used my game template to create a level up game for introduction to Google Apps for Education (GAfE). I’m not finished with it, however, it’s far enough along to share. Make a copy of the template below. Mark off in column A […]

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11 Getting Started for the School Year Blog Posts

2016 school year alice keeler

Getting Going with 2016-2017 As the 2016-2017 school year gets going here are 11 blog posts that you may find helpful to get your rolling into the new year. If you are new to Google Apps for Education or are ready to take it to the next level, check out some of these blog posts. If […]

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Google Apps for Littles #GAfE4Littles

Google Apps for Littles

Google Apps for Littles Workshop Friday, Christine Pinto and I held a Google Apps for Littles workshop at the ViewSonic office in Brea. Christine taught Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to 4-year-old last year and used Google Apps. In the workshop, Christine shared how 4-year-olds were able to independently log into Google Classroom along with the Google […]

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4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom

*Parent permission obtained to use video Today I am inviting Christine Pinto to join me in my keynote.This is her first year teaching. She constantly amazes me with how she fearlessly tackles using Google Classroom and Google Apps with her TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids. She never says her kids can’t. The above video shows a […]

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3 Google Resources for Student Centered Writing by @shfarnsworth

3 Google Resources to Help Students Organize Information in a Student-Centered Writing Classroom  Guest Post by Shaelynn Farnsworth In a student-centered writing classroom, students may be in various stages in the writing process. To combat all of the organizational issues that may arise, it is important to equip students with not only the resources to […]

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Google Apps Script: Create Your Own Mail Merge

I use peer evaluation quite a bit in my class. My data is collected via a Google Form and are in a spreadsheet.  I use mail merge to send students back the comments of the peer evaluations. While there are pre-made Add-On’s to send out emails, there can be an email limit. This tutorial will […]

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Google Apps Script: Create an Add-On

Create an Add-On Menu For most of my scripts I have written you access the script through the Add-On menu. In my group maker script you create a copy of the template and then go to the Add-On menu to locate “Group Maker.” You can create your own Add-On for your scripts you create. The […]

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Google Apps Script: Debugging Tips from Alice

This week I worked on several Google Apps Scripts projects. Part of coding is failing. You write your code and cross your fingers. Most likely there is something that needs to be “debugged” or fixed. Productive struggle is highly motivating. With programming, you have an end goal and something functional after you get your code to […]

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Google Classroom: Creating a Discussion Board

While I want threaded discussions in Google Classroom, I do not want them in the stream. Multiple student responses will clutter up the Google Classroom stream quickly. I always say “the answer is always a spreadsheet” so I created a way to use Google Sheets for a threaded discussion and use it in Google Classroom. […]

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Teach for Google – Classroom Courses and Strategies using Google Apps

I took a look at Teach for Google (https://www.teachforgoogle.com/). This is a service that does not just give you tips about how to use Google Apps but rather gives instructional strategies for teaching. The instructional strategies are supported by using Google Apps such as Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Drawings and Slides. The website is attractively designed […]

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Google Apps Essential Infographic

Essential guide to getting started with using Google Apps. Please feel free to utilize this resource with students and teachers in trainings on Google Apps. Please do not republish this graphic to your blog. Link to PDF of Image: Click Here Link to Image in Google Drawing: Click Here

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