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Google Apps Script: You Can Code (part 3)

  Google Apps Script is a great way to get started with learning to program. You need to know very little JavaScript and are able to create really useful projects quickly. For this tutorial we will NOT add any new JavaScript techniques. Check out the first tutorial where you changed the name of a Google […]

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Google Apps Script: Getting Started Part 2

In the first Google Apps Script tutorial you learned a little JavaScript to allow you to change the title of a Google Doc. In this tutorial you will create a document and make multiple copies of the document. Getting Started with Google Apps Script JavaScript Recap Function: A chunk of code that is used perform a particular task. […]

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Google Apps Script: Getting Started

My new obsession is Google Apps Script. It allows me to add a little code to a Google document to make it do even more magical things! What I was amazed by was how little coding you need to know to be successful at Google Apps Script. My First Project I had created a spreadsheet […]

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