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Add-Ons using Google Apps Script

I learned a little JavaScript which is applicable for Google Apps Script. This allows me to code Google Docs and Sheets to create custom applications. Most of the templates below have an Add-On menu. These Add-ons are not available in the Add-on marketplace, but are instead tied to the template document. Usually the Add-on is the last Add-on in the list.  You can also learn Google Apps Script to create custom applications. Scroll to the bottom of this page for some blog posts on how to code along with tutorials.
Add-ons in Google Docs and Sheets


Script Description Link Quick Link
 RosterTab  Take a list of names of topics and create a named tab in a spreadsheet for each name in the list.  Click Here
 RosterTab2  Same as the above RosterTab but adds additional functionality to email student the link to their tab. Use the Add-On menu.
 TemplateTab  Create a graphic organizer or template and create a copy of the template on a different sheet for each name or topic in a list. Click Here
 RubricTab  Template of a Rubric to allow you to quickly assess each student against the rubric. This is a specific use case of the TemplateTab script.  Click Here and Click Here
 MarkAsGraded  Change the document title of student Google Docs to include  Click Here
 FilterRoster  Filter your Google Form for each student by creating a tab for each student and viewing their information on their own tab.  Click Here
 DiscussionTab  Create a spreadsheet for collaborative discussions. Each discussion topic on its own tab.  Click Here
 Discussion Board  If you have been wanting a solution for discussion boards within Google Docs, this spreadsheet allows you to create multiple discussion boards.  Click Here
 TurnInTab  Students do work on a spreadsheet and turn in their tab to teacher. Teacher has ONE spreadsheet with a tab from each student  Click Here
 Make Copies – A LOT  Makes a LOT of copies of a Google Doc quickly.  Click Here
 ListRubrics  Create a list of a lot of rubrics quickly.  Click Here
 PDF my Folder  Create a PDF of all the files in your folder. (Makes it easier to print all your files at once)  Click Here
 Teacher Newsletter  Create personalized weekly newsletters for students and parents  Click Here
 Bathroom Sign Out  Create a spreadsheet to use to have students sign out and into bathroom  Click Here
 Grade the Folder  Make a list of assignments in a Google Drive folder. Set their grading status and the document is renamed  Click Here
 Google Docs: Make Copies  Make multiple copies quickly of a Google Doc  Click Here
 Group Maker  Randomly assign your students to groups. Choose your group size  Click Here
 Google Classroom: List Docs  Create a list of all of the documents students have submitted through Google Classroom. Creates a list for each assignment.  Click Here
 Google Classroom: List Docs 2  Create a list of all of the documents students have submitted through Google Classroom. Creates a SINGLE list of all the documents for all the assignments.  Click Here
 Google Classroom: Create Group Docs  Copy a Google Doc template you create for each group. Shares the group doc with group members and adds group member names to the doc title.  Click Here
 Spelling Activity  Activity to practice spelling words  Click Here
 Make Folders  Create a Google Drive folder for each student on your roster. The folder is shared with the student explicitly.  Click Here
 List Scramble  Take a vocabulary (or other) list and create random subsets of the list.  Click Here
 Comment Maker Email each student a note quickly.  Click Here
 Send Comments  Create a spreadsheet for each student on your roster. Use this template to push comments to each students spreadsheet. Reuse to keep pushing comments to student spreadsheet. Great for students who do not have email.  Click Here
 Agenda Doc  Create a Google Form from a list of agenda items. Merge participant responses into agenda document.  Click Here
 Create a Form  Quickly create a Google Form.  Click Here
 Voice Type a Form  Use voice typing to create a Google Form.  Click Here
 Student Critique  Allow for peer evaluation of Google Docs. Change the sharing settings on a folder of student work to allow for commenting.  Click Here
 Simple Quest  Get started with a quest game.  Click Here
 Start coding math  Have students get started learning to code. Edit the code to accomplish math challenges.  Click Here
Let’s Play  Help students get on the same document faster to play a collaborative Google Apps game or assignment.  Click Here
Picker  If you’re already coding Google Apps Script and want an advanced template for having a Google Drive Picker.  Click Here
 Collaborative make Google Forms  Collaboratively create multiple choice questions on a spreadsheet and easily create a Google Form. Also, just a fast way to make a multiple choice Google Form.  Click Here
 Pull the Paragraph  Have students do a task on a Google text document. To evaluate it as if they had filled out a Google Form, this extracts all the paragraphs to a spreadsheet. Leave feedback and push it back to the Google Doc.  Click Here
 Note Taker  Automatically create a rough draft out of your notes. List sources and notes in spreadsheet and push to a Google Doc.  Click Here
 Random Winner  Add-on for Google Forms to choose a random winner from submissions.  Click Here
 Self Reflecting Reading  Have students reflect on their reading by filling out this Google Form.  Click Here
 Branching Form  Quickly create a template for a branching Form.  Click Here
 Periods for TemplateTab  Create your TemplateTab for multiple rosters all at once.  Click Here
 Calendar Script  Extract event information between a date range from your Google Calendar.  Click Here
 Copy Docs per student  If you are not a Google Classroom user and want to create copies of Google Docs for your students this simplifies the process.  Click Here
 Copy Docs per class Create a copy of a template per class  Click Here
 Click Here
 Click Here
 Click Here

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