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Alice Keeler is available to present at workshops, be a spotlight speaker for your event or as a keynote speaker. Please contact Alice at if you are interested in having Alice come out to your location.



Technology Questions

If you have general technology questions please tweet me @alicekeeler  or comment on a blog post page that is generally about that topic. Asking questions in the comments section of this page is not the best spot.


Sorry, this is not a question forum. I delete all comments left on this page.

Please feel free to leave questions on individual blog posts or tweet me.

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I have just recently discovered your site. I feel the need to thank you and let you know how wonderful and helpful this site it! I wish I had a week to stay home and just read and create. You have so many amazing suggestions and ideas. I have already used some in the short time I have had the opportunity to put them into place.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!!!

  2. Hey Alice. Think you might have been hacked. Just had a pop on with a whole lot of gifs of young ladies suggesting all sorts of things appear on top of your home page. “Sponsored by Alice Keeler” in the top left corner. Surely not! 🙂 All the best in getting rid of them

  3. Alice, thank you so much for what you do to help countless educators. I love your GC ideas-forms-templates. Mil Gracias

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