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How Many C’s Are In That Word Sort?

How Many C's in the Word Sort

How Many C’s Are In That Word Sort? When using technology I like to ask the question “How does this make learning BETTER?” Not just digital or more colorful but BETTER! The activity of sorting words by definition was never a critical thinking task. It is DOK 1. Students remember the definition and classify the […]

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Google Forms Email Notifications

Email Notifications in Google Forms

Google Forms Email Notifications If you are using a Google Form that you expect infrequent submissions on, you may want an email notification when someone fills out your Form. Create This is just a fun tip. If you put /create at the end of it quickly creates a Google Form for you. Responses […]

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My Entire Math Book Is DOK 1

My Math Book is DOK 1

My Entire Math Book Is DOK 1 I taught High School math for 14 years. In looking back at the curriculum my district used, it was almost entirely DOK 1 and a little DOK 2. In other words, low critical thinking. In response to “when am I ever going to use this” we would assure students […]

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Google Apps: A Few Tricks (8)

8 Google Apps Tricks

Google Apps: A Few Tricks (Eight) Always learning new things! This week I learned a few new tricks and just want to revisit a few old ones. Bold Comments I learned this trick from Diana Herrington. In Google Apps when you insert a comment (I use the keyboard shortcut Control+Alt+M) you can bold the text […]

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5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know

5 Things You Did Not Know About Google Slides by Alice Keeler

5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know This is a little cheating as some of these features are new so you could not have known!! Google Slides is one of my favorites. I use it to have students GIVE ME information rather than get information. Truly transformative for teaching. 1. Insert Video from […]

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What Is A Brochure???? Make Relevant Assignments.

Is that assignment still relevant

Is That Assignment Still Relevant? I asked my 9 year old what she thought of brochures. Her response… “What’s a brochure?” I highly doubt when she goes in for a job interview she will be bragging about her brochure making skills. Folding something in thirds does not make it more valuable. Why does the activity […]

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Google Slides: Give Me Three for Feedback

Choose 3 for Feedback

Google Slides: Give Me Three for Feedback It is not reasonable to be able to give all students high-quality feedback on multiple problems. However, the feedback loop is one of our most powerful tools for students to learn. Rather than turning in work for a grade have students turn in work for feedback. Google Slides […]

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Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

google Drive video in Google Slides

Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides Google Slides just got a little more awesome today. Only being able to insert YouTube videos into Google Slides is obviously a problem for many schools. You can now insert a video from Google Drive into Google Slides. Short Clips You should NOT embed a super long video […]

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Missed Alice Keeler at #TCEA17?

Missed Alice Keeler at #TCEA17? If you were unable to head to Austin for TCEA, I made a website for my sessions if you would like to access the resources. Other Opportunities to Find Alice Here are some other places I’ll be in the near future. This list is always changing so check out […]

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Google Apps: Create a Copy for EACH Class

CopyDocs for Classes by Alice Keeler

Google Apps: Create a Copy for EACH Class If you teach multiple sections of the same class you might find yourself making a copy of a collaborative template for each class. This can be tedious. CopyDocs for Classes My Add-on script CopyDocs for Classes does the hard work for you. Simply pick the Google Docs, Sheets, […]

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Google Classroom: Check In with Students

weekly check in google classroom (1)

Create a Weekly Check In for Google Classroom In previous semesters I used a Google Form to have students check in every week. While Google Forms are the best thing since sliced bread, this semester I switched to using Google Classroom for my weekly check in. Note this is not a 5 a day or […]

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Win a Free Registration: Google Classroom in Paradise

Hawaii Event: Google Classroom in Paradise Join Alice Keeler and Michael Fricano for “Google Classroom in Paradise” July 1 in Hawaii! Event Website Win a Free Registration We are giving away a free registration (sorry no travel costs included). Please fill out the Google Form to register. The Winner will be chosen randomly after February […]

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Google Hangout from Google Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar When trying to connect with people on a Google Hangout video chat I find the easiest way to do that is to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar Event Go to and create a calendar event by clicking on the day and time you wish to create the Google Hangout […]

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Accurately Teach #BlackHistoryMonth via Sabrina Stevens @realsabijoy

black history month tweets from sabrina stevens

Accurately Teach #BlackHistoryMonth via Sabrina Stevens @realsabijoy Posted with permission from Sabrina Stevens. If Twitter is blocked and you are not able to view the embedded Tweets I copied Sabrina Stevens words into a Google Doc. Hey, #teachers. Let’s talk, #EduColor style. So it’s officially #BlackHistoryMonth & a lot of you are going to be tempted […]

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6 Alternatives to Reading Logs by @shfarnsworth

6 alternatives to reading logs by shaelynn

Guest blog post by Shaelynn Farnsworth Let’s face it, reading logs are typically not accurate in time read or books finished. From forged signatures to parents exaggerating the time their student spends in a book, reading logs do very little to motivate students or to instill a love of books. If the purpose of reading logs […]

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