Okay, this is a bit shameless, my kids’ school is building a new library. I like books, my kids like books, I want my kids to have access to books. If you will consider voting for Kepler School Library in this contest I’ll raffle off a few copies of my books!

Google Form to Win Alice’s Books

After you vote for Kepler School fill out this Google Form below. I’ll choose a few winners. Note my NEW books that are not even out yet are up for grabs. If you want the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” book or the “Ditch That Homework” book I’ll mail them as soon as I have copies!  NOTE: You can enter daily I think. So if you vote for Kepler again you can fill out my Google Form again. Make sure you make a unique comment so I realize it is a 2nd entry and not just a duplicate! (Use the same link in the confirm email to vote again!)

Link to Google Form to enter Alice’s book raffle. Note this ends when the library contest ends.

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