I have been trying out the Google Chrome extension Grammarly. It has been helping me to look less foolish in my blog posts and tweets. Grammarly works on almost every web page to check your spelling, grammar, tone of voice, and more!

Spelling and Grammar

While I am typing a blog post or composing a tweet, Grammarly is working to check my English. While having a degree in math is no excuse for poor grammar and errors in my writing, I will take all the help I can get. Grammarly saves my poor husband, an English teacher, from constantly having to be my editor. Clicking on the Grammarly icon shows not only spelling errors, but shows me where I am using passive voice, need a comma and more… a lot more!

My English teacher husband is always telling me to get rid of “passive voice” but honestly, I have no idea what that means. Grammarly not only tells me I have passive voice but gives me the option of a tutorial to learn what it is. Clicking on the error, or suggestion, makes the changes in my blog post or tweet for me!
Grammarly Suggestions

Professional Version

The professional version offers additional features that are extremely helpful for teachers. Upgrading will give you additional grammar and style editing suggestions. The upgrade also includes plagiarism detection. As a teacher subscribing to Grammarly will help you to identify plagiarism in student work. It will also help in grading student papers since Grammarly will identify many of the writing errors.



Google Docs

If you are a user of Google Docs Grammarly does not work in Google Docs. Some simple keyboard shortcuts help you to analyze student work with Grammarly despite this.

Control A

Control A selects all. While in a Google Doc use Control A to select all of a student’s text.

Control C

Control C will copy the text.

Click Grammarly Chrome Extension

Clicking on the Grammarly Chrome extension allows you to start a new Grammarly document.
Grammarly new document

Control V

In the document, use Control V to paste the student’s text. You can then use the Grammarly tools to check for plagiarism and writing errors.

Microsoft Word

Grammarly also provides a plug-in for Microsoft Word. This will allow you to detect errors directly in Word.

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